How to make a croissant.

The French have made happy the world a variety of their dishes and some culinary traditions.One of them can be regarded as so-called continental breakfast.And let many of our tourists frown if the hotel is offering them, but to eat in the morning warm krussanchik many do not refuse, even while at home.Over time, people began to modernize this dish for him to invent a new filling and experiment with other types of test.Now you can find a recipe for croissants (at home, of course) that the French and could not dream.

How easy bake flaky croissants

on the shelves of flour taken a glass of milk, half a cup of vegetable oil, 5 g of dry yeast (10 - if they are fresh), 1 egg, 2 teaspoons of sugar and salt and butter - brusochek 80 g(it should be melted).The milk is heated to 40 degrees, it dissolve yeast and sugar and left for five minutes.The liquid is then poured into sifted (a must!) Meal, there is injected vegetable oil, salt and gently separated protein.To prepare a tasty croissant, the dough is well kneaded and left for an hour and a half in a warm, covered with a clean towel or cloth.During this time, it will be twice as large.Table floured dough it is cut into 8 approximately equal parts, each rolled into a ball, again covered and "fit" a quarter of an hour.One of the rolled dough lumps, smeared with melted butter, served on top of a cake - it turns stack "pancakes", separated by a layer of oil.Before making a croissant obtained Footprint is rolled out with a rolling pin in not thick, but not too flat cake - not less than 3, no more than 5 mm.You must try to make it as correctly as possible (round) shapes - so pastry will result in almost the same size.Roll out the dough is cut into 16 equal sections that are beautifully twisted by a wide margin.Question filling - at your discretion;You can do without it.

Yeast puff pastry for the French goodies another way

In principle, all the methods of how to make a croissant, are reduced to the puff pastry, which are always present in yeast.Another thing is that such methods can be a lot!Which one you like, do not know, so we offer another option.For him take 10 grams of yeast (dry and the author does not recommend fresh), eggs, butter - this time as much as 200 g, 3 and a half cups of flour and one teaspoonful of sugar and salt.Additionally, 2 egg yolks have to extract.Further, in principle, an ordinary start: glass of warm milk, yeast dissolved in it, waiting - similar to the previous method.Lessons and slightly beaten egg yolks are added to the flour, there is poured the rest of the milk, salt and yeast vzbuhshie.Vymeshennoe dough is formed into a ball, made an incision in the shape of a cross on top and shelters placed on the cold (at least 12 hours).After the ball rolled out into a thin cake.This recipe for croissants at home is different from the previous one: melt the butter is not necessary - it is up to the thickness of a centimeter rolled out with a rolling pin, wrapped in polyethylene food.Then, a "thin" oil, extracted from the film is laid on the dough, which is rolled inside the envelope type.And this envelope is rolled three times and rolled again for half an hour in the refrigerator removed.So it is necessary to make a double.The third time, sandwiched dough is rolled, cut, rolled in the right form and put in the heat for an hour.After the "raise" every downed kruassanchik smeared egg and bake for half an hour at 200 degrees.They say this recipe croissant puff pastry to yield very air pastries, though, no doubt, requires a lot of time and labor.

croissants from the dough

For those who have little time (for example, associated with young children or inconvenient work schedules), there is a good way to make a croissant from the purchase bases.Choose or yeast or puff pastry, but better - get the version that combines both characteristics, it is completely available in supermarkets.A pound of dough will be enough to head.Will have to buy food foil.The dough out of the refrigerator hold a quarter hours before half - time depends on the degree of freezing.But in any case, do not thaw in the microwave!When the semi-finished product is soft, it unfolded and rolled.That is not stuck to rolling pins, it is better not to sprinkle the dough with flour and lightly grease with vegetable (any) oil the tool itself.Then - under the scheme: cut into triangles - curl - do croissants - put them in the oven.Note: from the dough to bake they need at a lower temperature (below 180) and shorter (20-25 minutes).

Modifications upper right lubrication

How to croissant, we have already dealt with.But even if everything is done strictly according to the rules can get some pale (though very appetizing smelling) product.And why?Because voluntary dough in the oven will not be rosy.The classic way to get delicious blush on a bun - brush them with beaten egg on top.But remember: if this film is like baking surface tightens;have a croissant, meanwhile, is very tender dough, so that the crust will turn out not too aesthetic.Superior option: to grease their goodies whipped yolks.They will enable croissant just browned without making ugly wrinkles on the surface.However, there is a truly French way to decorate homemade croissants.The recipe is simple: a small amount of milk foam whipped with a large spoon of sugar.This composition and greased baking.

Note nuances.If you cover your "buns" or egg yolk, it is necessary to do it about ten minutes before the end of baking.If you prefer milk with sugar - lubricate them before setting the pan in the oven.

Rules "stuffing»

course, the recipe for croissants puff pastry (and any other) will provide you certainly tasty product.But you can even treat yourself to, a variety of "domestic content" of French pastries.However, the result has pleased, it is necessary to observe certain rules.

So, how to make croissants with fillings?Before being placed in the oven baking all the preliminary steps are similar to the conventional method of cooking.However, when the "bagels" has already collapsed and curved crescent, with their round hips incision.And the knife does not have to make a hole in the opposite side of our product.The incision is put stuffing;if its components are fairly liquid (eg, jam), the gap is better to gently pinch.And in the case of security against leakage smooth flank will look better.

Another subtlety: "wet" filling makes more raw dough so that it will have bagels baked at a low temperature and a little bit longer.

stuffed cheese

One of the easiest (and most dietary) may be curd.For her a pack of yogurt (better to take a fatter, otherwise it will flow when baking) should take 3 tablespoons of sugar, add vanilla or cinnamon (if you like);will be a good addition of raisins, dried apricots or prunes.Combining all these components, we obtain a mixture, which is necessary to stuff a croissant before baking.Many people prefer to take sweet curd cheese;but experience suggests that they are in the oven become almost liquid, and often absorbed into the dough.So vote for coarse cheese: he more natural and "healthy", but if you want something sweeter, so it is possible to add more sugar.

Almond pastries

Croissant yeast dough will be particularly tasty, if you combine them with the almond cream.For him, it is necessary to buy a half a cup of almonds, to take almost complete (3/4) cup of sugar, a tablespoon of butter - fatter - oil, the same amount of flour and raw egg.Nuts to start finely chopped and then passed through a blender together with the flour fried in butter and egg.It turns out dense dough that is easy to stuff croissants.

Chocolate fantasy

Most people think that chocolate cream should be specially prepared, including a lot of extra ingredients.The general misconception!Here's how to make croissants with chocolate: Tile favorite brand breaks into small pieces and embedded in a "shell".By the way, the taste will be much more piquant, if you combine the popular with the sweetness of orange.To do this, slices are not suitable, they are too juicy, and your bagel is loose and can raspolztis.With citrus peel is removed without the slightest trace of "little white";You can carefully remove it on a grater.Zest is added to the chocolate croissants and placed in the oven.There uniformly melted chocolate - and you will get a divine treat.

Strawberry croissants

attractive berry filling any baking.Of course, you can simply take the jam, jam or marmalade, but this flavor is a natural berry, you definitely do not get it.So in the middle of summer is better to take fresh gardens gifts - such as strawberries.Since the fruits themselves without the addition of sugar (as in a jam) is not enough sweet, it is better to combine them with chocolate, and white.The same is taken strawberries in half with the addition of sweet berries cut in half (if not too large, but more can and smaller).Chocolate or fired in a water bath and poured into a croissant (which is not very convenient) or rubs on the grater and pour into the cut.

Savoury toppings

Who said that cherished bagels must be sweet?Not everybody likes sweets, some prefer for breakfast something without sugar.As an option - to stuff croissants arugula (it is sufficient and a handful), coupled with a pair of triple-sliced ​​radishes, two tablespoons of cottage cheese and tea - oil.Salted and pepper and bake.

good option with mushrooms.Mushrooms cut slices, onion - diced, fried together.Cooked meat - chicken, pork, beef - that is - Narubai, mixed with a vegetable component, and dressed with mayonnaise.You can invest up to a stuffing baking croissants, you can - in ready.

How to make croissants without filling tastier

question is what bagels you prefer - sweet or not.In the first case, they can sprinkle the top with melted chocolate or fudge on any of the recipes, which are familiar to you.Not bad as an option, in which the finely crushed nuts - in the simplest case of walnuts, but you can chop and mix of different kinds.With peanut sprinkles topping wonderfully combined - strawberry, cherry, cream or whatever.You can decorate the croissants on top of the icing and sprinkle with candied fruit.

But if your preference for savory modification, that are only supplements, which are often used for baking bread - caraway seeds, sesame seeds, a variety of seeds.Alternatively, you can enter directly into the dough some enticing additions.Some highly recommend the same ground pumpkin seeds: they say, get a unique taste.Classic raisins, introduced in the dough, too, traditionally good.

However, if you get the right cook croissants, they are tasty and without additional decoration.