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When a man stands in front of the need to change or job search, he decides for himself a number of questions.Statistics show that the most important criteria that the applicant pays great attention to the choice of the future place of professional activity are:

  • level of payment and the schedule of employment.
  • Social guarantees and career opportunities.
  • Distance from the residence.

As for managers looking for new members of his team, then they face a major challenge.Agree to find a worthy candidate is necessary to consider its actual level of professionalism (not the one that is specified in the certificate), personal qualities, the true reasons for dismissal from the previous place of work and a number of other nuances that are candidates for the vacant posts are often trying to hide.

How true professional selection of personnel to carry out what to pay close attention to what questions to ask in order to eventually get to his staff really qualified employee?

employer may choose one of two options.In the first case

selection of staff takes place in-house expertise of personnel service in the second - you can trust the agencies for which the selection of candidates is the sphere of professional activity.

Large companies often use both.At the same time recruiting middle and low qualifying own unit is engaged, and professionals of rare professions - recruitment agencies.

And he and the other methods have their own pros and cons.Thus, the representative's own personnel service, making the selection of staff, takes into account not only compliance with all the requirements of the candidate positions, but is able to accurately determine whether a person will be able to integrate harmoniously into the existing team to take its norm and style of communication.

Agency carrying out recruitment and selection of staff at the request of the company, such an assessment can not provide.However, cooperation with such organizations to minimize the possibility of "personal involvement" and the unit personnel, as they say, "to pull".Moreover, the payment for the work of recruiting companies receive only after a candidate interview will take place at the company, and his hiring is approved.Staff manager of personnel service will receive a salary regardless of how many people will be interviewed and accepted by them.

It is worth noting that the leaders of small businesses prefer to conduct their own interviews and make their own assessment and conclusions about the compliance requirements of the person of a vacant post.

In general, all of the above options are viable.With regard to the actions of competitors, it is worth noting that the job search itself is quite serious work.It should be attentive to the résumé, the appearance at the interview (no matter who conducts it) only to report reliable data.And honesty is relevant not only in respect of personal data or their skills, but also in relation to questions about the reasons for dismissal.However, in this area should comply with certain tact and not go into an emotional narrative.

people representing the organization, also need quite clearly formulate their own requirements and future obligations of the candidate, articulate the subtleties of internal relationships in the team, as well as requirements to the execution of the work.

Such reciprocity is able to turn the selection of staff in a rather pleasant and beneficial for both sides of the process.