Successful hiring - the key to the prosperity of the company

Recently hiring has become particularly relevant.For some, this may seem surprising.After all, outside the crisis and many companies are on the verge of survival.Where here to think about expanding the State or upgrade their team.But in fact, it is hiring the best to do it during the difficult period.Yes, just when a crisis in the labor market are many talented professionals.This is because some companies can not cope with the difficulties and ruined, and some panicked and reduced staff, thereby making someone a good gift for the upcoming New Year.

Mills need machines, and business needs for qualified personnel.It is the people - the most valuable asset.The Japanese have long understood this and that is one reason why the economy of this country is such a high place.For any of the company's fair to say that the hiring - is the key to success.

main indicator in the field of human resource management has always been a KPI - the profit that is attributable to one employee firm.Everything else - is secondary.It is worth comparing this figure with its competitors and the company once it becomes clear where personnel management is arranged more efficiently.Sometimes this difference is quite significant.

So, how do you find in the labor market of the applicants who will soon become the best employees?

First you need to find as many potential candidates, there were no problems with the choice.Here are the main sources of recruitment:

  • ads in the media;
  • attract those candidates who are themselves placed their resumes;
  • search among friends, acquaintances and relatives;
  • «headhunting» («head-hunting»);
  • recruitment agencies.

Each method is good in its own way, but perhaps the most effective of them - is the publication of vacancies and the selection among potential candidates.

first phase, which should begin with the hiring of personnel, it is a clear understanding of what kind of person you need.It should be as detailed as possible to describe all the requirements for the position and responsibilities.Then come up with attractive ads that will compare favorably against other companies who want to find employees.In this case, it is not necessary to spare the time, you should cover as many media.This, of course, will bring certain costs, but poor staff - it's much worse.

The next step is collected separately, and after we have collected enough, begin to make a preliminary selection.After that would be nice to organize a competition for the remaining candidates.Many firms do not and prefer just to interview, and then to decide on a candidate for the position.In this case it is easy to make a mistake.After all, a person can think of yourself anything you like and be able to convince the others.But will he be able to solve its tasks?Just a competition or game business will help to check it in practice.

Evaluation of the results of the competition will depend on the future head of the employee, a specialist in HR, and other leaders, that is the commission.It will make an objective assessment, and your company - a more representative in the eyes of the applicant.

Once the choice is made, the employee talk about motivation system, the conditions of probation, future obligations.When it touches the size of the salary, you should remember one interesting axiom: As a rule, the one who determines the level of the first payment, there is always a loser.So first try to find out the expectations of the candidate or the questionnaire or during the conversation.

last stage, which ends with the hiring - and an adaptation of probation.It is important to make this process as smooth as possible.It would be a shame to part with those staff members who have been looking for.

beginner should be trained and well, if he is a mentor.The results of his work have to constantly monitor and, if necessary, to help correct errors.