How to make a payment on the card of the Savings Bank?

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Sberbank has already become one of the top banks in Russia, with a large network of branches and a huge number of customers.But despite this, very often the bank's customers do not know how to make a transfer of money at stake Sberbank.

transfer of money to the card Savings Bank to implement a variety of ways.

One of the most common and widespread is a transfer from a terminal or ATM.Each office of the Savings Bank has a special terminal, with which you can make a transfer from the card to the card sender or recipient of a cash transfer.To transfer to a debit card, you need only know its number.Enter the card number must be very careful not to make a mistake in any digit, as money can go away to an unknown destination.Of course, if necessary, to make them return, but this procedure will take some time, since it is a complicated and lengthy process.In this regard, before the confirmation number is entered it is better to check out a few more times.

For transfer service from the sender of money Sberbank holds a commission.The fee for the transfer of money deducted from the card sender.If you want to make a transfer to the credit card of Sberbank, remember - do it you do not succeed, since transfers from credit card to another is prohibited.The transfer of money at stake in Sberbank made the same currency, that is, if the sender sent the money in dollars, the recipient will receive them on the map, too, in dollars.

For more advanced customers, Sberbank payment card offers to do in other ways.One of the most interesting ways is a service - "Savings line", with which you can carry out different operations through the Internet.To use this service, the customer is given a special number that is an indicator system that allows you to make the entrance to the client profile.This ID can be obtained through an ATM or terminal in any office of the Savings Bank or in the contact center, from which you can always be contacted by phone around the clock.

This service is clear and accessible to anyone with a bank card.Even if you've never used this kind of systems, it can easily understand its menus and functionality.In order to make the transfer of money to the card of Sberbank, you need only know its number.Those customers who have connected to the service such as mobile banking, the password will be sent in a text message, with which you can log on.

If you do not have bank accounts or cards, but you need to make a transfer, you do not have to worry - even in this case, the translation can be done through the Savings Bank.The transfer of money on the card can be realized in a simple manner, of course it is not very comfortable, but has long been proven.On an ordinary sheet of paper, write all the necessary information for the transfer, namely: name, surname and patronymic of the owner of the credit card, the city, where the recipient of the transfer, the card number and the amount you will be transferred to the card.Leaf with that information you just give a specialist in any office of the Savings Bank.For the commission of the transfer commission in the amount of 1%.After making the transfer of funds to the recipient's income by about 2 hours.Those translations that were completely different way, produced almost instantly, in some cases within 2 hours.

In the extreme case, you can make a transfer from a terminal of any payment system, such as Kiwi terminal.To do this you need to select the menu item - translation map Visa, Maestro or Mastercard, then enter its number and make the necessary sum to the terminal.Funds are credited to the card recipient in the period between the 1st minute to 24 hours.