Which vitamin in fish oil?

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taste and aroma of fish oil are familiar to us from childhood, because every child mother or grandmother asked to drink at least a spoon.Peculiar smell and taste of the money was a real punishment for the kids, but the parents firmly believed in its utility for the growth and health of the child.Is it really so?What benefit (or, conversely, the harm) can bring to human health of fish oil?Which vitamin in fish oil has a positive effect on children's development?What it can be replaced, so as not to feel the cloying taste?

little history

in the prevention and treatment of diseases of fish oil consumed Norwegians even half a century ago.Pharmacist Peter Møller first talked about its usefulness.In the Norwegian population was considered a fish oil supplement that has beneficial effects on human health.Over time, information on the effects of fish oil scattered around the world.

Referring to the specific taste quality tools, many used the usual vitamins, but research scientists and doctors have proved that the people of the Nordic countries are much less likely to suffer from diseases such as myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis.This is due to the fact that they regularly eat seafood, which contain polyunsaturated fats, omega-3.Today, fish oil is used to improve human health.

quality of the product depends on the state of the environment.Unfortunately, we are often faced with environmental pollution, which negatively affect the way, what quality is fish oil.Benefits and harms of the product has long been studied by scientists, and all of them are united in the opinion that the properties of the product is influenced by industrial poisons, which are deposited in the liver of the fish.

Fish oil.Manufacturing

Fat Fish is an oily, clear liquid pale yellowish tint, which has a specific taste and aroma.Responding to a question about what kind of vitamin in fish oil has a positive effect on the body, we can say that the product polivitaminizirovan, saturated acids, minerals and other nutrients.For the manufacture of fish oil used exclusively cod liver fish.To date, manufacturers of this product are released in its liquid form or capsules.Special attention is given cod liver oil "Goldfish" in the form of chewable tablets.


One gram of the product contains more than 350 IU of vitamin A. Because of this high rate of vitamin A (retinol) helps to improve the skin condition of the face and body, good for the mucous membrane tissue.Fish oil (vitamins A, in particular) has beneficial effects on vision, it helps to better vision in the twilight, prevents the development of color blindness.Due to lack of vitamin A lose their visual appeal hair and nails, skin and mucous tissues dry up.Vitamin D, which helps the minerals calcium and phosphorus to better penetrate into the body, is also included in the fish oil.Vitamin E nourishes hair and stabilize the circulatory system.In addition to vitamins product contains also other minerals: calcium, bromine, iron, iodine, manganese, chlorine.

Omega-3 fats

polyunsaturated Omega-3 contain prostaglandins.Recent support and strengthen the immune system, fight infection, anti-inflammatory effect and helps the body absorb fat.Prostaglandins are used for the prophylaxis of atherosclerosis, as they dilate blood vessels and prevent thrombosis.

As a result, the positive effect of the drug to produce serotonin, which provides a good mood, helps in the fight against aggression, irritability, depression and stress.The product is actively helping to minimize the consequences of alcohol consumption, which negatively affects the body.Fish oil - a good prevention of memory loss and dementia.


benefits of vitamins contained in fish oil, well influence the state of the human body.The product is used for the prevention of the fight against heart disease.Numerous medical studies have confirmed that omega-3 acids are beneficial to the growth and development of human rights.They also contribute to the efficiency of behavioral and cognitive functions of the brain.

In particular, fish oil is struggling with feelings of anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, fight the negative effects of stress.Also, the drug used in the treatment of psoriasis and skin dryness.Taking fish oil, you reduce the possibility of heart disease, chronic diseases, arthritis.Depending on whether the vitamin in fish oil meets the needs of the organism, the product prevents the occurrence of many diseases, improve overall health and prevents inflammatory processes in the whole body.In addition, fish oil, whose price in comparison with other drugs is much lower actively helps fight obesity, lowering triglyceride levels, and activating the work of genes that are responsible for the burning of fat.For example, for 100 capsules of high-quality oil will have to pay about 900 rubles.A jar of fish oil (100 ml) in the pharmacies you can buy for 200 rubles.

Medicinal properties

Fish oil is not a very simple dietary supplement, a drug that requires compliance with the instructions for use.The product is recommended for use as an additional drug, thrombophlebitis, frequent occurrence of flu, colds and the HIA, for the treatment of rickets, arteriosclerosis.Including fish oils in your daily diet can over time get rid of problems with dry hair, nails and skin, from vision problems.Improve mood, mental state and memory will also help the fish oil.Vitamin preparations have a positive effect on the growth of bone and teeth, promote rapid healing of burns and wounds, improve and strengthen the immune system.

use in cosmetics

Fish oil - a natural oil of animal origin, which are actively used in cosmetic purposes.It is worth paying attention to a vitamin in fish oil performs a major function.And them it is sufficient to prevent premature aging of the skin, to confront her fading, smooth out wrinkles and clear it of acne and age spots.Fish oil is used as a masked homemade, and the store means.For the preparation of masks in the home suitable capsule.To significantly improve the condition of skin, enough times per day of fish oil applied to the skin and after 15 minutes the excess fat rinse with warm water.

fish oil and weight loss

Fish oil helps the body burn fat and fight obesity.If women more than 25% fat, and a man of more than 15%, the regular use of the drug in a month will be significantly improved health and weight loss.But first you need to know the percentage of fat in your body.In contrast, sunflower oil, fish oil comprises polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are used by the body as fuel.These substances have a greater fat burning capacity, as contain linolenic acid, eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid.Doctors have concluded that these acids help break down fat deposits, thus reducing the space for storage.Fish oil, whose price is acceptable to every buyer, is an excellent tool in the fight against excess weight.He "turns off" the genes to accumulate fat and fat-burning activates genes.

In 2007, Americans have published a study of how fish oil stimulates fat breakdown.Scientists have confirmed that the drug is able to independently lower the blood sugar and triglycerides.Furthermore, fish oil gradually reduces body weight.At high levels of sugar in the blood induces the production of insulin, which prevents the loss of fat.

Fish oil for children

huge benefits fish oil has on the developing and growing child, so parents try to include it in the diet of children.When choosing a product should pay attention to some nuances that will help to choose the best fish oil for children.The quality of drugs depends on the quality and type of fish.

most common method of production of fish oil is recovered from the liver of cod fish species.But, unfortunately, due to the catastrophic pollution of water and the liver is often not very high quality due to the accumulation of a large number of toxins.Fat Cod, of course, contains vitamins, but there is very little polyunsaturated acids.

better and more suitable for children considered fat extracted from ocean fish.Fish oil, benefit and harm is directly dependent on the species of fish, from which it is made, it is necessary to choose very carefully.For example, sharks often feed on carrion, and this adversely affects the quality of meat and fat.

liquid fish oil in jars, the taste of which is familiar to the older generation from childhood, not like kids, so taking it becomes a real challenge.It is best to give their children cod liver oil capsules, to neutralize the taste of the drug.There is a form that is very popular with the children - fish oil "Golden Fish", which is available as chewable tablets for children.


Since fish oil is a drug, you should pay special attention to contraindications.So, it is not recommended to take it in the presence of gallstone and kidney stone disease, disorders of the thyroid gland.Do not take the drug if hypervitaminosis, high sensitivity or allergy to the components of fish oil.


Previously, cod liver oil was only available in liquid form.Now the question is how to drink cod liver oil, is solved in other ways.On sale is a drug in the form of bubbles or capsules.On the day should take about 5 to 15 mg capsules.Fish oil provides visible results if you take it continuously.

daily rate for children is lower than for adults, and babies under one year of fish oil can be given only on doctor's advice.Excessive regulations threaten a number of complications, so you need to take the medicine according to instructions.

addition to capsules for external use, there is also special oils and lotions for external application as well as fish oil good for the treatment of wounds and burns.The most popular drug of this kind - spray "Livian".

necessary to stress once again that the fish oil - it is a wonderful and affordable for the general strengthening of immunity, prevention of various diseases, enhance the development and growth of children.Do not forget to consult a doctor before you start taking this drug.