What vitamins to drink in the autumn for immunity: name

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With the approach of autumn pores of the protective system of the human body is weakened, so we easily get sick colds various illnesses and viral infections.At this time of the year it should be more than ever to maintain a healthy lifestyle, otherwise you will not stop sneezing and coughing until the spring.Strengthen the immune system will certainly help vitamins.

need for vitamins is always a

If you think that, after eating in the summer plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in its content of nutrients, you stocked micronutrients groups "A", "B", "C», «D», «E "for a year, then you are mistaken.Unfortunately, they do not have the ability to accumulate in the body, and replenish their numbers need to regularly.

In this regard, the issue of paramount importance on which vitamins to drink in the autumn, to forget about the illness.Of course, one can not neglect any one of the above groups.All of them are essential to our health.

Unfortunately, ignorant people not only do not know what vitamins to drink in the autumn, but that, due to which you can make up their deficit.

Of course, many people know that the beneficial minerals found in fruits and vegetables, and autumn - a time when harvest of apples, pears, pumpkins, grapes.

So, we proceed to the practical consideration of what vitamins to drink in the autumn.

B vitamins "A»

Due to lack of nutrients in the body with the onset of cold weather first starts to deteriorate the condition of our hair, nails, teeth and weakens our immunity.

On the question of what to drink vitamins in the autumn in order to solve the above problems, it is necessary to answer: "Those who belong to the group" A ".They are found in carrots, apples, cheese, as well as seaweed and curds.

Many are interested in the topic of what to drink in the autumn of vitamins for immunity.As already stated, to increase body resistance illnesses need the whole complex of nutrients.You can not strengthen the immune system, to get vitamin "A" and "B" while ignoring micronutrients related to Group 'C »,« D »and" E ".

strengthen the protective reaction of the organism is possible, if you drink as much as possible of fresh apple and carrot juice.

Vitamins of group "B»

not have any idea about what to drink vitamins in the fall?The name "thiamine" you about something said?Meanwhile, it is necessary for the health of the vitamin, which is known as B1.Its deficiency can trigger the development of the nervous, cardiovascular events, the occurrence of pain in the muscles.B1 can compensate for the deficiency by the brewer's yeast and germ of cereals, such as wheat.

Many people ask: "What Vitamins to drink in the autumn of the children?"Primarily, these include riboflavin, which is known as B2.Its deficiency leads to poor vision, he also takes an active part in the processes of growth.To enrich the vitamin B2, the baby should be introduced into the diet products such as spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, yeast, milk.

What vitamins to drink in the autumn of the children yet?Of course, it micronutrients, belonging to the group "C" and «D».Young and immature organism is particularly susceptible ODS, so every child should regularly eat citrus fruits rich in vitamin C. Well, vitamin D is essential for children to strengthen bone and reduce fatigue.However, the group will continue on "B".

Third in importance is nicotinic acid.Without it is impossible synthesis of hormones.Small amounts of this vitamin leads to apathy, lethargy, reduced concentration.Compensate for the lack of it help corn and milk.

is also very important for human health, and vitamin B6 known as pyridoxine.

In autumn it is usually not enough in the body.As a result of more acute diseases of the cardiovascular system and advanced liver disease.To minimize these risks, you should eat yeast, whole grains, beans, nuts, pomegranate.

B vitamins "C»

course, a huge number of boys worried about the question of what to drink vitamins in the fall man.The first thing to enrich the body with ascorbic acid, which is badly split and practically not absorbed by those who suffer from nicotine addiction.Vitamins of group "C", as already emphasized, helping to increase the body's resistance to diseases, especially colds and flu.Compensate for the lack of ascorbic acid help oranges, lemons, peppers, cabbage, black currant.

B vitamins «D»

A weaker sex are concerned about what vitamins to drink in the autumn girl.First of all, the ladies have to cope with a deficiency of vitamin D.

With the first cold weather, solar activity is reduced, so the amount of the vitamin in the body decreases as its synthesis takes place with direct participation of the ultraviolet rays.

Vitamin D helps make our bones strong.Get rid of the deficit will help to sour cream, cream, eggs.

B vitamins "E»

without vitamin E can not do in the fall, because it also helps to strengthen our immune system and slows the aging process.If you want to enrich the body with vitamin E, eat more than walnuts, spinach, apricots, sea buckthorn, peanuts and sorrel.

Vitamin Complexes

Unfortunately, even if our table is piled high with a variety of vegetables, fruits and other delicacies, we can not 100% satisfy the body's need for vitamins.Therefore, pharmaceutical companies have developed vitamin complexes, containing basically everything you need for health promotion.

list the most common ones.Currently, high demand "Vitrum" (USA), which is recommended for high physical and mental stress, as well as unhealthy diet and during the progression of infectious diseases.

also popular drug "Alphabet" (Russia), which should be taken with a deficit of trace elements between diet and unbalanced diet.

Many people prefer to take vitamin complex "Complivit" (Russia), which helps strengthen the body's immune system.

It must be remembered that the above-mentioned funds, despite the fact that without a prescription the doctor, still considered drugs, so it is very important not to overdo it with their dosage.Also remember that some vitamin supplements may be simply incompatible with each other, so you can not always use multiple systems.