Planting carrots for the winter: basic rules

Planting carrots for the winter has some obvious advantages over planting seed in the spring.Firstly, it is possible to collect early harvest - average Vegetables planted fall ripen 2-3 weeks earlier.A baby carrots - is a real storehouse of vitamins and fiber.In addition, plucked carrots very tasty and juicy, so it does not even need to cook.The whole family, and even small children who are usually very picky about food, happy to absorb this root vegetable in large quantities.Second, planting before winter carrots eliminates the need to do this job in the spring.During the beginning of the garden season we have to deal with many things, so the beds planted in the fall in part facilitate this period.You have not once praise themselves for such foresight.In addition, the fall is much more free time, so you can do everything slowly and according to the rules.Third, the early harvest gathered, you free up space for other early maturing crops such as radishes, greens, salads and herbs.Thus, it is possible to obtain two harvests per season with the same area.

place seeding

Planting carrots for the winter should be made on the plot of land, which was previously just released from the snow.This plant prefers loose and fertile soil, slightly acid or neutral.The plot is desirable to select a horizontal (it is not stagnant melt water) and protected from the wind.Since the seeds will not be blown and washed away.Preferably, in the desired location before growing onions, cabbage or potato - is best precursors.

Term sowing carrots

you have to focus on the climatic conditions in your region.The most important rule when choosing planting time - seeds do not have to germinate before the start of the cold weather.If the autumn is warm and hatch in the garden sprouts of the early harvest will have to forget.

best varieties

for autumn sowing is best to choose the seeds of special varieties of carrots - cold-resistant, early maturing and mid-season.The most common varieties:

  • Nantes-4.The period of aging - 60 days.It can grow in different soils.Root vegetables are tasty and juicy.
  • Vitamin-6.This variety contains a large amount of carotene.The flesh is juicy and sweet.The minimum ripening, high yield.
  • Moscow winter.This variety is traditionally preferred by most gardeners in the central part of Russia.
  • Shantane-2461.Very unpretentious variety tolerates coldness and lack of water.


Planting carrots for the winter should begin to prepare the ground.It needs to dig, loosen and fertilize.Welcomes the introduction of sawdust into the soil.The grooves must be done deeper than the spring planting, about 4-6 cm. Spacing between rows can be left the same as usual, that is 20 cm, but the number of seeds should be increased, since germination will be lower.Then the bed is covered with a film or other material after it is filled with snow.

And the last rule: sown carrots for the winter can not be produced on soils, which in the current year or the previous year fertilized fresh organic fertilizers.This dressing will only hurt Roots, and harvest will fall short of your expectations.