What vitamins are best taken in the spring: customer reviews and expert advice

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What vitamins to take better in the spring?Reviews of those or other drugs will be presented a little later.In addition, in this article you will learn on what grounds can define the lack of vitamins in the body, how to choose the complex, and other information.


Spring beriberi - a phenomenon that is familiar to almost everyone.It is in the off-season shortage of certain vitamins or minerals often makes itself felt.And many people begin to think over what vitamins are best taken in the spring.Reviews of pharmaceutical products is very diverse.However, they should be known to everyone.After all, the only way you can immediately choose for themselves the best and most suitable complex, which will help restore good health and vigorous state.

Signs of beriberi

What vitamins is better to drink the spring?Before answering this question, you should find out whether you have a vitamin deficiency, or your poor health has nothing to do with the deficit of nutrients.

make an independent conclusion on the lack of vitamins and minerals can be normal frequency of colds.For example, if a person was hit by a small draft, but the next day he had a fever, runny nose appeared, then his obvious problems with the immune system and, consequently, the consumption of vitamins.

So to beriberi common features include the following:

  • dry and pale skin;
  • bleeding gums;
  • dryness, hair loss and brittle hair;
  • regular formation of cracks in the corners of the mouth (or so-called "Zayed");
  • herpes;
  • poor appetite;
  • irritability, depression and anxiety;
  • chronic fatigue.

What vitamins to take better in the spring?Testimonials

Vitamin complexes should be selected based on the doctor's recommendations.It is only experience and personal observations of specialists to help patients acquire the best and effective drugs.

According to pharmacists, it is best bought in the spring of such pharmaceutical agents as "Multitabs", "Duovit", "Complivit" and "Kvadevit."In terms of chemicals contained in our complexes, their properties are almost identical to natural.However, one can not ignore the fact that these drugs are synthesized from petroleum derivatives.As you know, these funds rather poorly absorbed by the body's cells.Moreover, their regular intake can cause various side effects, especially in cases of overdose.

What vitamins to take better in the spring?Reviews of synthetic drugs are quite diverse.Someone claims that they do not differ from the natural, and someone did not note their effect.Experts also recommend that those who can not give up the multivitamin complexes, only choose a product that contains no more than 20 components.Otherwise, the pharmaceutical preparation will be of no practical use.

What vitamins required by the body in the spring most of all?

According to experts, the special attention in the spring should be paid to a deficit of vitamins like A, D, C, E and of group B. In order to understand what the consequences might arise against the background of lack of certain nutrients, consider their symptoms in detail.

Vitamin A

What vitamins should drink the spring?Of course, vitamin A. It is the substance responsible for the skin condition, ensuring their resistance to external influences.In addition, a lack of vitamin A can lead to significant visual impairment.

disadvantage of this substance is often seen in those who enjoy alcoholic beverages, because alcohol in any form hinders its full assimilation.

What vitamins to take in the spring?Optionally, to acquire the whole complexes in pharmacies.Indeed, in the conventional food contains almost all the nutrients for the body.For sources of vitamin A can serve chicken and beef liver, white cheese, sea fish, milk, cheese, fruits and vegetables orange (carrot juice, carrots, pumpkin, apricot, sea buckthorn, tangerines, oranges and so on.).

B vitamins B

This group is responsible for virtually all actions of the body.Their deficiency is the most visible and dangerous.These vitamins are essential for normal functioning of the central nervous system.They prevent hair loss, regulate heart rhythm, promote healing of sores and wounds on mucous membranes, and so on.

should also be noted that the B vitamins are destroyed by the reception of strong medicines and in violation of the digestive tract.As a rule, in this case a person has skin problems, namely, rashes and flaking.At the fair sex digestibility of nutrients is quite reduced while taking contraceptive hormones.

Foods sources of B vitamins include the following: chicken and beef, sea fish (salmon, cod), liver, rye bread and soy products.

Vitamin C

This material improves resistance to colds.But if you are ill and "crunch" the bones and joints, and you suffer from excessive salt deposits, it is not recommended to get involved in preparations with a high content of this substance.

Vitamin C is found in foods such as wild rose, black currant, kiwi, pickled cabbage, citrus fruits, red peppers, green vegetables, strawberries, mountain ash, and so on.

Vitamin D

What vitamins drink spring children should always be?Vitamin D. After all, it is required for normal calcium-phosphorus balance and, consequently, for the strength of the teeth, bones, nails and hair.Incidentally, under the action of ultraviolet rays (sun) and the human body itself is capable of producing a substance in the required quantities.But if you are rarely in the streets or are forced to live a long time in the region, cloudy weather, you should be sure to take care of his other sources.These include dairy products, cod liver oil, egg yolks, fish, and sea kale.

Vitamin E

deficit represented material effect on the quality of the skin.They wrinkles, and they quickly lose their elasticity.In addition, a lack of vitamin E affects all regenerative processes in the body (for example, for a long time to heal sores, wounds, and so on.).

By supplying your body with the necessary amount of this substance, you neutralises the accumulated toxins and saturated with cell vitality.It should be noted that it is recommended to take vitamin E in combination with vitamin A, because these two drug complement and reinforce each other's action.After all, quite by chance was developed chemist means like "Aevitum", which includes both of the aforementioned substances.As for the products, a source of Vitamin E are the following: vegetable oils (corn, grape, sunflower, linseed and olive oil), nuts, sunflower seeds, spinach, wheat sprouts and broccoli.In addition, the limited quantities of the substance is present in virtually all known vegetables.

What you need to know, taking certain vitamins

Vitamins spring (reviews were presented above) should not be taken lightly.After all, such nutrients, acquired in a chemist's networks can have their own side effects.

  • Vitamin C should be consumed with caution for people who have a high content of salts in the body.
  • Calcium is recommended to take only vitamin D.
  • Vitamins E and improves the absorption of each other.Besides, both these substances are fat-soluble.In this regard, the glass of carrot juice should always add a spoonful of cream or oil.
  • In anemia iron supplements used only with vitamin C.

If shortfall of certain vitamins you use a pharmacy systems, you should always consult a doctor.After all, such seemingly harmless drugs can adversely affect human health.If you want to go on the "natural" way to get the vitamins and of conventional products, it is necessary to take a balanced and proper nutrition.Only in this case, your body will do just nutrients and in an amount which is necessary for you.