Sagittarius - woman.

detail I would like to touch on my favorite fiery signs of the zodiac.Sagittarius - a woman as the main representative of the group is fully consistent with this powerful element.The fair sex of this sign has all the qualities to succeed in any field, whether it be family, career, friendship and so on.Sagittarius woman is fickle, like fire, can burn, but at the same time gentle and warm with its warmth.

Fire zodiac.Sagittarius female

It is characterized by freedom-loving and active nature.If you are just trying to establish contact with her, in any case, do not disturb her personal space.Women Sagittarians love independence and rarely change their plans of action for the sake of others, with the exception of only a very close.They - the natural, uninhibited and confident.Such a person close - a real treasure, because it is perfectly possible to talk about everything: they are usually very well-read, eloquent and have a wealth of life experience.A woman of this sign is cheerful, optimistic and confident that tomorrow will be better than today, energetic, like all fire signs of the zodiac.

Sagittarius-woman - a person who does not tolerate flattery both in relation to themselves and to others.You will never hear blatant lies in his address.Centaurs choose the bitter truth sometimes can present it for what it is, without embellishment, but when they feel they have gone too far, float their feminine charms.A man can not be offended by such a woman, especially when it is so gentle kiss or caress.Women Archers can actually turn the head of anyone!To meet such a woman, you need to work on yourself.If you are a terrible jealous, relations will not work at all.Representatives of this sign have a lot of acquaintances, friends, both women and men, with whom she could sit and chat cute.If you bore - chance to win a fiery creation of extremely insignificant.For them it is very important sense of humor, they like to travel and have a diverse range of interests.Theatres, a good book, psychology, cinema, active sport like a trip to the park on a bicycle in the morning, or light jogging, skiing, horseback riding, and a lot of all - these are just some things that might be interested in it an unusual nature.

Sagittarius: the woman in the family

Sagittarius woman will be an exemplary wife and a wonderful mother.She can not stand monotony in marriage, so her married life involves a lot of surprises, pleasant, of course.He dislikes monotonous chores like washing floors, cooking, washing clothes, but will be able to cook dinner a success, however, if the husband gently ask her about it.The house is always cozy and nice welcome guests.For your child, it will be not only a loving and caring mother, and a friend, companion and even a teacher.You can find her playing with a small child as with peers, where she give herself completely impulse and will enjoy the children's entertainment.These female Sagittarians remain even into old age.Do not be afraid that this mother did not understand the child.It not only understand, but also to listen, give advice, consolation and warm.

Love Horoscope.Sagittarius female

It will feel great with your same sign - Sagittarius, as well as other fellow fiery: Aries, Taurus and Leo.Air and water can become great friends for women of Sagittarius.Irritation and hostility can cause Sagittarius zodiac earth.

Sagittarius female - a cute and furry creatures, which, like a kitten, are always looking for adventure.She is beautiful, amorous and free, but that it came to you on your hands have to try very hard, and most importantly - much love.