Dirty tricks idols Celtic

ancient Celts worshiped the gods of fertility since ancient times and magic.They cut down their idols of stone in the form of human heads and they decorated their homes.There is a legend according to which these deities do not cause any harm to people only when they are favorable to them.If they are someone "hurt" in retaliation, they can send down a man curse.Some researchers argue that the ancient Celtic deities and still run by people.

Here we should recall the incident which happened in England a few years ago.Brother and sister Leslie and Colin Robson accidentally discovered in his garden two strange stone the size of a tennis ball.

Objects found resembled human heads: male and female.Both individuals were roughly carved from gray-green shiny quartz and expression resembled death masks.

head of the family, John Robson decided to leave the amazing discoveries at home, but with the appearance of the mysterious stone heads in the house Robson was something incredible happen.One day the whole family watched in amazement as the head suddenly, themselves, began to rotate.Moreover, Robson began to notice that they have no apparent reason and break beats dishes completely new things.All members of the family constantly felt anxiety and fear.

One night Anne, wife of Robson heard that from a child is heard crying.When she got to the bedroom children, she found them terribly anxious and fearful.The children claimed that their room would come "a terrible person."The mother, as she could calm the children, assuring them that it is all just a dream.However, he found himself on the threshold of their own bedroom, she was horrified to find it creepy creature is like a wolf.Mrs. Robson screamed, and a strange creature jumped on the window sill and jumped out.After she learned from neighbors that the same night, many in their homes heard strange sounds and muffled voices.

A few days later the head of the family, John Robson noticed in the doorway of the living room an eerie creature.He recalls that really scared that night, but unexpectedly ran toward creating terrible, but he was never able to catch him.

reason strange phenomena remained a mystery to all the others, while John Robson accident did not notice that one of the stone heads found the children in the yard, emits a strange bluish light.He had the idea that all the trouble began after the house appeared mysterious idols.These events, John told his friend Dr. Ross, who examined the find, concluded that his hands are idols Celtic, one of which represents the god of fertility, and the other - the spirit of magic and witchcraft.Dr. Ross decided to take an amazing discovery with you to carry out a detailed scientific study.

On the way home, Ross began to feel discomfort.He constantly felt that someone was watching him in the head.Turning back, the doctor noticed that one of his idols, smiling.Suddenly, his car suddenly stalled and stopped right in the middle of the road.He wanted to start the engine, but could not bring himself to move.Once he suddenly shouted: "Obey!", The car wound up on its own, and a strange smile on the face of the idol disappeared.

Dr. Ross sent the findings in the archaeological museum, which confirmed the origin of the ancient Celtic stone idols.

After some time, Dr. Ross had an accident as a result of which he almost did not hurt, but the car had to say goodbye.Soon it became known that the house Robson was a fire, and the Museum of Archeology "happening every hell."The researchers do not exclude the possibility that the cause of all this is the curse of ancient idols.

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