Making Changes in the constituent documents of the Company and

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If in the process of your organization, you have decided to change such settings Ltd., as a change of Director-General, changing the legal address of company, changes in activities, input / output member of society, a change in the provisions of the Charter of the Company and other adjustments informationLtd. You can contact the company "Smart Way" and our experts will conduct all the necessary measures as soon as possible.

First of all it should be noted that any change in the Company are divided into two types:

  1. Adding Changes in the Company, in the constituent documents (charter, foundation agreement - changing the size of the share capital, change of legal address, change of name of company, change of nameCompany management body, increase / reduction of the term of the head of the organization).
  2. changes are not related to the introduction of the constituent documents Ltd. (input / output of LLC, donation / sale of shares in the charter company, the change of the Director General, activities LLC OKVED, information about the participants Ltd., details of branches / representative offices of LLC, a fullchange Ltd.).

Depending on what changes occur in your organization, they are subject to registration under certain application forms - R13001, R14001.Also, to confirm the changes to the registration authority (tax) must provide a number of documents.Depending on the content of the amendments must be submitted: protocol / decision on amendments, a new version of the statute or changes to the regulations, payment documents confirming payment of the fee for amending payment documents to make an additional contribution to the charter company and others.

Specialnoteworthy procedures will share in the authorized capital of the Company.This operation can be issued share donation, purchase and sale of shares, transfer of shares in the company.If the donation or the purchase and sale is made between members of the company, contracts for the transfer of shares may be issued in writing.If the share of proceeds to another person, the contract necessarily executed in a notary's office.The transfer of shares of the Company - internal operation in society and issued internal documents.Application for registration of change signed by the Director General.The specific requirements spelled out in the Charter of your company and regulated by the law on registration of legal entities in the Russian Federation.

Notarization of transactions with the shares of the Company requires registration documents such as offer / acceptance for purchase of shares, the consent of each member of society on the sale or donation of shares, the presence of all interested parties at the signing of the notary deed, notarization of the application to the tax.In this procedure, the documents for registration of a notary sends back to the society they are sent to the registered mail / postal address of the organization.

In the case of entry of a new member in the company by making additional contributions to the share capital, the consent of all members of society, which must be formalized protocol / resolution of the general meeting of members.To register a new party, you must provide proof of tax payment application - payment documents from the bank.

should be noted that under the new rules after the registration of the legal entity does not issue a statement Incorporation.New Document - List of entry.It contains a number of UAH, which is assigned to this change, and the content of the new information.This innovation is not entirely reflected in the future for the society - many counterparties, banks and government customers demand relevant information in support of the legal entity is an extract from the register.It will need to be ordered separately.Timing of such an instrument in MIFNS from 2 to 7 days.

process of filling the necessary documents, making Changes in the Company to employees of the company "Smart Way" is common in their practice.However, people who are not associated with the ongoing legal work, this procedure can cause a lot of questions.Difficult situation innovations that came into force on July 4, 2013.The tax authorities have not yet provided any clear advice on the correct completion of documents for registration.It can only be based on its experience and that of colleagues.We understand that you have neither the time nor the opportunity to engage in the monitoring of changes in the laws that regulate the procedure for registration of the LLC, and changes in company documents.Therefore, we offer you to seek help from the professionals in the business - the lawyers of the company "Smart Way".We not only carry out the necessary procedures on these issues, but will render services for legal advice regarding your current constituent documents, and help explain their situation, optimizing the number of documents in your organization.