Lumber, Lining Krasnoyarsk, boards, logs, Eaves boards.

selling lumber as not to run into scammers.

How not to run into cheaters in the sale of timber, this question torments many entrepreneurs engaged in the production and sales of building materials.Today on the Internet a huge number of proposals for the purchase of lumber, and non-cash payment or cash payment only after receipt of the goods at the buyer's site.Tips primarily be intended for beginners in the field of production and sales, or simply reselling wholesale lumber.

Buyers lumber, should be divided into different categories.The first is the large timber processing enterprises, producers of furniture products.These buyers are usually on the market for timber products are a very long time and have already established a significant supply chain of lumber, but there are times when they do not have enough raw materials for their own production and in these cases, they turn to smaller wholesalers wood.The payment shall be made within two or three weeks, certainly require a VAT receipt for the goods at such organization is very strict control, but it is not a hindrance, in the event that you are not trying to shove frankly defective products.In such cases, if under the control of the company receiving the eye catches defective unit, he likely will check the whole party, if any visually conspicuous defects not, then most likely take the whole lot.

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Another category - a smaller volume manufacturers of molded products and furniture production.Such enterprises can count money and know what they pay for, so the acceptance of your products will be what is called "a magnifying glass" while paying consistently and without delay.

Another category - a different base, resell lumber, hardware store.First of all, note that this seasonal buyers, and welcome products for the price reduction are carried out on one hundred percent.This category may delay the payment and they usually buy at the lowest cost.

Exporters - speculators who buy lumber for deliveries abroad.For this category, you must provide a timber of the highest quality, so if your machine does not offer products that meet the highest standards, it is better with this category do not work as well as quality control is carried out strictly enough.

And finally, crooks who as it turns out there are not only among sellers, but also among the buyers, it is very difficult to recognize them.However, there are some criteria that will help you understand what you are dealing with scammers is that they give a high enough price for your products, willing to accept any product - this is should alert you, because your money you will not get it.The most unfortunate is that there is nothing you will not be able to prove through the courts or through police.

Thus, as in any business, in the forestry sector, there are significant risks, but their scale is significant, as significant investments in this sector.If you are a manufacturer of lumber as Lining, lining, floor board, logs, and you just started its activities, be very careful not to fall for the "favorable" deals scams.