What is needed for eye exercises to improve vision

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One of the most important processes of the human body, which yields about the world the information is visual perception.That is why a responsible and important task of each of us - the preservation of the proper functioning of the eye throughout life.Invaluable assistance in solving this problem will have a specially designed exercise.

extremely important exercises for the eyes to improve vision.Even in ancient times, people have developed some kind of exercise.Their basis - is alternating workouts that strengthen the eye muscles, and recreation of the visual system.This simple exercises should be done daily.These actions will contribute to the preservation of the existing and the return of the lost.Set of special exercises designed as scientists around the world and representatives of non-traditional medicine.It is now widely prevalent and is very popular gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision, taken from the ancient Indian yoga.Moreover, the recommended exercises are combined with the development of advanced scientists of the modern conventional medicine.

human visual system is constantly on their toes, getting a huge amount of information to process.That is why physiotherapy eye must necessarily begin with the rest of their muscles.There are several exercise.They allow for full relaxation and relaxation of the eye.When their performance should not only be properly reproduce the desired movement, but also to observe the recommended speed and keep the right breathing.

Gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision must begin with palming.This special exercises performed seated, relaxed with all the muscle groups.The eyes are covered with the palms of the hands.In the organs of sight when the palming shall not have any pressure.Fingers should be a tight squeeze for a hit exception daylight.Breathe in the performance of palming need to calmly and smoothly.For more relaxation is recommended to dream of something pleasant.

restore normal blood circulation in the neck can help a letter nose letters or figures.These exercises also promote eye health, restoring them to good nutrition.This letter, when the nose we present in the form of pens, you can "write" home.

Gymnastics for the eyes to improve vision, which should be done in the morning, take a few minutes.Carry it without getting out of bed.Waking up, stretch themselves and turn from side to side.Breathing while retaining the smooth and quiet.After that, as far as possible open mouth and eyes, and then return to starting position.Exercise is repeated several times.Gymnastics does not end there.Eyes in the next exercise tight zazhmurivayut six times, then you need to easily blink, nose to write a few sentences, and do palming.

will certainly help to restore vision eye exercises.Featured ancient Indian yoga exercises should be carried out regularly twice a day.In order to restore sight and always keep it for many years to a ripe old age, follows the relaxation of muscles to hold training.For this run certain eye movement (up and down as well as left and right, circle, etc.).Regular performance of this simple gymnastics, along with relaxation, will largely determine the visual capacity of man.