State duty for a passport - when and how much to pay?

state duty called fee, which is levied on individuals who have applied for the commission in respect of themselves any significant in legal action against the state or other agencies or to the duly authorized officials.The list of contributors is a state duty and Article 333 of the Tax Code.Another category of taxpayers - the defendants in court cases in the event of judgment against them and release the plaintiff from paying the fee.Payers can be both private individuals and organizations.

consider when and to what amount of stamp duty paid for the replacement passport.This procedure - getting on reaching 14 years of the passport and the subsequent replacement of its 20 and 45 years - applies to public services, and throughout the life of her uses of any of our fellow citizens.Passport change when you change the names (first name and patronymic), appearance or sex, the data of the date or place of birth.And in cases where the data errors are detected passports or passport has worn (worn out or damaged).In addition, the passport to be replaced in the event of theft or loss, in such cases, too, the state duty charged for a passport.

for Russian passport replacement procedures you need to provide to the territorial department in person or through officials of the MFC application form H1, the old (to be replaced) passport and documents, the grounds for such replacement.State duty for a passport must be paid in advance (you can do so at any branch of the Savings Bank) and the receipt attached to the documents.In addition to documents on the basis of which will be issued a new passport (certificate of marriage or divorce, name change, or in certain cases a change of venue / date of birth), you must provide two photographs of the required samples and documents necessary to make marks in the passport.This military ID, certificate of marriage or its dissolution, the supporting documents on the registration of residence, if there are children under 14 years old - their birth certificates.State duty for a passport now makes 200 rubles.

In case of loss or theft of a passport must be in writing, specify the circumstances of the incident, if the passport was stolen - make ticket alert issued in the police department, four photos.State duty for a passport in this case is 500 rubles.

passport must be issued not pozzhe10 days after filing if registration takes place at the place of permanent residence, for two months - the place of residence (and the loss).Get a new passport can only person to whom it is issued (or his legal representative in the case of incapacity).The new passport is produced mark previously issued document indicating the series and number, place and date of issue.

When traveling abroad will need a passport issue.Now there are two options: get a regular passport (old-style) or a biometric.Validity of the new biometric passports - 10 years (issued until March 2010 - 5 years), it contains a digital photograph, which is done on-site at registration document.When you register and order and other required exactly the same set of documents, the questionnaire also contains identical questions, it differs only in its form filling.In the biometric passport application form can not be filled by hand, only published (required in capital letters).

restrictions on visiting the country and visa procedure at the "old" passports in comparison with the "new" no.It varies the size of paid duties.

state duty for registration of passport (normal, t. E. The old model) is a thousand rubles, for persons up to 14 years - three hundred rubles.For obtaining the biometric passport will have to pay two thousand, with the child's passport - 1200 rubles.