Who is to blame alone: ​​a curse or a tree of celibacy?

eerie situation: a woman for years hoping for marital happiness, but it did not come and did not come.No words can not describe the suffering of the poor things.Well, if she found a different purpose in life, for example, I was fascinated by the career.But not all are capable of it.Still calling women - Family.Gender equality does not alter this fact.So who or what beauty begins to blame?

Tree celibacy

search starts at home.Girlfriend advised that you need to conduct an audit of the entire property.Suddenly the villains planted charmed thing.Immediately the question arises of house plants.It is known that some of them adversely affect the fate of a loving mistress.So it turns out that in the house for a long time the tree grows celibacy.This may be the ficus, which the girl gave a long time ago, or the Sudanese rose, pleasing their long flowering period.It turns out there is luck, classifies these noble plants to the enemies of nepotism.It is said that the tree celibacy drives away potential suitors from his mistress.If you believe it, it's better to get rid of the plant.The belief that your fate depends on it can affect the life.Throw it out, of course, it is not necessary to refer.Plant something to do with it?Relocated harmful tree celibacy office.There it will please the people, and you will cease to affect.


celibacy, that is, the inability to create a family, can be a result of negative energy information program, introduced in the woman (man).This is called a curse.Apply it only deliberately.That is, a person can not be accidentally curse.To this negative establish and implement a program requires some effort, even rituals.The curse can be private (that is, your own) and childbirth (passed through the parents).In principle, it is not particularly important.All the nuances parses the man who would shoot him.Get rid of the curse of their own is virtually impossible.It requires remarkable energy forces.It is best to use the services of a magician who has special knowledge.

As applied to the curse of celibacy

to protect, you must understand that the negative energy is not just enters the field of human rights.To take away your opportunity to enter into marriage, read a special plot on celibacy.He utters a thing (doll, needles and so on).This "carrier" of negative information you need to also throw.That is, the plot will not work as long as you do not touch the incantation thing.

Thus, in order not to put yourself under attack, observe safety precautions!Do not invite people to the house, whose sincerity you are not sure.Are cleaned, do not touch the hands of those things that do not understand the value.For example, we saw a ball of yarn or winding (paper, roll up with string), do not touch it.Estimates for the scoop and throw out of the house.It's good to keep in the house svyachenuyu water, which, as you know, takes away any negativity.

And maybe it's not magic?

And yet, before blaming someone else for their misfortunes, think, maybe it's your own fault in his solitude?No curse will not affect a person with a sincere heart, capable of true selfless love.Kindness and patience will be able to overcome all obstacles on the path to happiness.So is it worth to blame flowers or magic?