Fundamentals of business or start their own businesses

Entrepreneurship in Russia is developing at full speed.This became possible recently through the establishment of programs of state support beginning businessmen.

Today, while registered unemployment, everyone can learn for free on the course "Basics of Business" and then get a grant to start their own business.Thus, the dream of many - to work for himself, to become a reality.Although in reality the process of obtaining subsidies much more difficult than it might seem, yet this is a unique opportunity, which is to use, as the authorities are willing to encourage your undertakings.

But what if you are unemployed and do not want to risk giving up their work.You can go the other way, learning the basics of entrepreneurship yourself by registering the IP, try their hand at small businesses.However, it will have to invest their own funds or take out a loan.

Where to start studying this particular field of activity?To begin to examine the legal basis of entrepreneurship: the law, its interpretation of the tax code.And then turn to other aspects of small business, including the psychological aspect: negotiations, psychology of management, ethics, communication with the client.A basic marketing help to understand the methods of market research services or products.

After studying the theoretical foundations of entrepreneurship should prepare quality business plan (based on real data about the demand for your service or product).With this document you can contact the bank to give you a loan for business development.Turn on the monthly payments under "Expenses" of your plan to bankers were able to assess the solvency and relevancy of your business project.

obtain the necessary amount will buy everything you need to rent a room.And then you will be required a lot of effort to not only stay afloat, do not operate at a loss, but also to take its place among the competitors.We'll have to show a lot of very useful business and business qualities: resourcefulness, inventiveness, ingenuity, focus on results, the ability to see the whole situation, to predict.Wink need the ability to help only the relevant knowledge.

Fundamentals of Business and Entrepreneurship just boil down to the ability to introduce a new service or product, the active dissemination of which (which) would have led to the development of the economic situation in a particular region of the country to improve the living standards of the population.This service is not so long ago began to private kindergartens, decided the problem with queues to kindergarten;advertising agencies in small towns where they do not exist, brokerage houses, counseling services citizens on various issues, and other unique business projects.

But there were ideas that are not destined to develop - for them it's not yet time.For example, a company that provides cleaning services (something similar to the distribution of services "husband for an hour"), has taken root in major cities, but did not develop in small towns of our country.

It is in order to learn how to be a true entrepreneur, and thus able to take risks, but the risk is reasonable, it is necessary to learn the basics of marketing (market research methods), psychology, business, accountant be a little bit as a lawyer, the direct executor and director in one person.Otherwise the idea is doomed to failure.

Start learning the basics of business today, if your dream - to own your own business.Perhaps, once you fail to achieve the desired results, but the ability to learn from their mistakes and commitment sooner or later, will play a role.