If the severity of the boss - an obstacle career

Cases when our career depends not only on business skills, but also on the relationships with colleagues and especially with his superiors.

Typically, employees perceive stern, unsmiling, restrained emotions as the chief accusations.
a normal part of the working process, it analyzes when the chief errors and shortcomings in the work concludes.But only on the condition that just as he notes, and your successes, success, achievement, encourages you smile, praise, a good word.
And when it does not, in the mind of the slave postponed a negative assessment of its work.Consequently, it reduces self-esteem.Insecure people, as you know, makes a lot more mistakes and much less successful in respect of career ...

How to be in such a situation, if you are not too sure of yourself, your situation has become seriously strained, and you are afraid of losing their jobs?

First of all, pay attention to how your boss behaves with other employees.If communication with them is built in the same way (failure are discussed, you will not hear the praise), then you can relax and take it for granted: this is the style of behavior of this man, and have nothing to cheat yourself.

But then you need to choose the most: to accept, to accept such a way of communicating a situation or try to change somehow.In the first case, if you are convinced that the head of the gloom is not a personal reproach in your address, you will have to raise self-esteem in other ways, did not dwell on the opinion of the immediate supervisor.Certainly in the company there are many people willing to praise you, to support, to cheer.
Would you still try to make a difference - look closely to the head, try to understand why he was so generous with praise.If that's the character, then you will most likely not be able to change anything.

If darkness, restraint helps him to distance himself from his subordinates, in this case, look for the opportunity to talk with the head in an informal atmosphere where the above it is not so dominates the post.
possible, to your boss at the beginning of his career were treated in the same way as he now applies to you, subordinates, and he just learned this stereotype.It just means that it is not enough praise or simple human kindness.Try to tell him something good.

course, do not need to shamelessly flattering, especially since it is unlikely to bring success, especially if the boss - not a stupid man.But if you want to onvidel in you is not just an artist, and personality - and then you should try to see it in person.Who knows, maybe this person is you seem very nice.

And, most importantly, focusing on the task, you are no longer concentrated so hard on his own self-assessment and ways to improve it.The secret is simple: as long as a person thinks about self-esteem - it falls.When he thinks about work, relationships with colleagues about current problems - it grows.
A high self-esteem - the key to a successful career!

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