What portends a cat in a dream?

cat ... this animal accompanies us, it seems, from a very young age.Even if she does not live in the house personally we have as a pet, we still often encounter with her at a party with friends, relatives and friends.At worst, just as a child, vozimsya homeless kittens in the nearest doorway.

But a cat in a dream - it is interesting, a good or a bad sign?What he will bring us in the future?It is necessary to tune in to the optimistic and try to be on guard?

Let's try to sort out together, armed with just a few dream books of different nations.

So, the cat in a dream ... First of all I would like to note that after a thorough search of the answer to this question, I have a lot of surprised by the fact that the dream cat is considered a harbinger of troubles, setbacks and squabbles.I never could have imagined that my own cat, ever, can harm me.And yet, why necessarily hurt?Perhaps it is this way warned me against hasty actions and hasty decisions.

Much also depends on the age and color of this charming and majestic "purring".For example, a black cat in a dream foretells a betrayal and a meeting with the insidious woman, white, in turn, warns of the dangers and possible fraud.But kittens in a dream - a good sign.Fluffy and playful kids all dream of success in all endeavors.If you see several young pranksters, so in reality you are destined to please the person to whom you yourself have long sympathize.One kitten cute gift will bring in real life.It also happens that the dream is the cat-mother nursing her tiny tots.It is a sign, making a profit is virtually guaranteed, and this is the profit will be the more solid, the more cats in a cat.

According to modern dream book, the cat in a dream is considered inauspicious symbol only if you will not drive her away, especially if it tries to attack you.Funky and driving off, you will be able to overcome all the hardships in reality.But in any case it is impossible to kill an animal in a dream, or yourself in the future will lie in wait in mortal danger.

Heed to what they see, if you dream a dirty animal.Most likely, one of your loved ones got in trouble and needs your participation and support.

If you dream pet meows, should pay attention to the environment is likely to have to be ready to get stabbed in the back by someone you consider a friend.

In the event that the cat sees the young woman, it will soon become a victim of rumors and gossip.

general, many interpreters of dreams associated with cat as a feminine and a creature that adapts to the person seeking to benefit.Very often, if you see an animal, it may mean that you serve for the benefit of someone else, but to its detriment.

Often we are considering cat kind and accommodating being properly understand and interpret their own dreams.In fact, for the way this popular pet symbol disappears only imaginary success, the apparent safety and gentleness.A cat in a dream tells us about the takeover disguised aggressiveness and energy depletion.

Although there is a 100% good sign if your dream cat or cat catches the mouse, all as one, you predict downers great wealth and good profit.

Finally, I would like to note the following.

Yes, a cat in a dream - it's mostly not very good and joyful harbinger, but then think about it, but is it worth it to you to be afraid of if it is a charming creature lives in your home and is considered almost a full member of the family?

And let the tradition she carries a negative meaning in dreams, but in reality your pitomitsy always ready to comfort, to remove negativity take over care of all your adversities and illness.So what if a bad dream in which you continue to see her favorite?Modern scientists suggest, though, above all listen to yourself and to your own associations with these animals, and only then draw conclusions about the meaning and interpretation of your sleep.