Tan all year round, or choose the right solarium

Even if you never use a solarium, you probably know that they come in two basic types - horizontal and vertical.

first step. Whichever option is chosen you, the most important thing to him was undamaged lamps.So, when planning an artificial tan under the sun, it is useful to ask for certified UV-radiation and to know when you last changed the lamp.The certificate stated the percentage of ultraviolet B. You should know that for people with sensitive skin, it should be around 0.7 percent for the dark-skinned - to 2.4 percent.

Horizontal solarium. If you are going to visit the tanning bed, you should know that it can be one-sided.This model is considered a semi as not designed for large volume of work.Such equipment is now very rare.But in bilateral tanning solarium perfectly sticks to both sides, and only in those places where the skin is in contact with the acrylic coating can be pale spots.The lamps in tanning beds are usually low power.In some models, it provides a soft light to the face.

Vertical solarium. newer models - vertical solarium, ie the cabin in which to stand, holding the handrails.However, some prefer to dance in a cab, I'm sure it sticks better tan.Sunburn in vertical tanning turns smooth and natural, and the lamps it is stronger than horizontally.

turbo solarium. Popular turbo solarium - a kind of vertical, where the unit is built a powerful cooling system, which allows it to operate for a long time.Although in practice for different turbosolarium entrenched "reputation".It is believed that it apparatus equipped with a mass of "bells and whistles", namely the cooling system, eliminating sweat, music, aromaustanovkami, mirror floor, etc.Lamps in a tanning bed is also quite powerful.

before the procedure. Before you go on a visit to the artificial sun, you should consult with a specialist.It is important to find out if you have any contraindications to the procedure, and then set the best mode of tanning.Before entering the cabin is recommended to wash off makeup, to avoid a possible allergic reaction.In addition, it is desirable to use hygienic lipstick with UV-filter, and close the hair with a scarf or a light cap.

Cosmetic for tanning. Strengthen tanning in a solarium is possible with the help of a special professional cosmetics, which is in every cabin.Preparations for tanning beds are of three types - developers, fixers and activators.When choosing the best to consult a specialist, as a cosmetics can approach begins, and the other is only recommended for tanned skin.

There is also a range of additional services that are provided free of charge in the best tanning salons.It - Stikine (stickers on the chest), goggles, disposable slippers to protect your feet, disposable cap for hair protection.

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