How to make tomato juice for the winter through a juicer?

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Many housewives are interested in how to prepare for the winter tomato juice through the juicer.The recipe is simple and accessibility.Ingredients in the summer to get it is not difficult, but there is a juicer at home in most of our compatriots.Therefore, everything depends on the willingness and availability of time.And if you have the first, the second will be found.

What do you need?

not so much necessary ingredients to make tomato juice for the winter through a juicer.The recipe requires the following ingredients:

  • 3 - 4 kg of fresh tomatoes;
  • 2 - Article 2.5.spoon white salt;
  • 5 - Article 5.5.spoons of sugar.

proportions based on one to three liters of finished beverage.Get them to a larger volume is not difficult.Regarding tomatoes worth mentioning one point: the fruits do not have to be solid and intact.Suit also soft and slightly mashed tomatoes.

Tomato juice

The next step is to prepare fruit to make tomato juice for the winter through a juicer.The recipe requires grinding of large tomatoes, remove the damaged parts.Previously they need a good wash.Then they passed through a juicer.Thus obtained beverage is poured into an enamel pan.


Stuffed pan is placed on the fire and brought to a boil, which should last 30 minutes.This drink is stirring occasionally.Then (half an hour), added salt and sugar in the necessary amount, and the juice is boiled for another quarter hour.After that is completely ready to fill in our cans of tomato juice for the winter.Through the juicer (recipe also requires a certain heat treatment capacity) tomatoes pass quite easily.Containers washed with baking soda, then they are sterilized.You will need a pan, which had not failed bank deployed upside down.The pan (you can also use tea) half filled with water and placed on the fire, brought to a boil.Then it established the bank, detailed bottom up, and sterilized for 15 minutes.A similar operation is performed with all the tanks.Another pan need to perform exactly the same procedures with lids.It is filled with water.Then it covers stacked.All of this is put on the fire, brought to a boil and heat-treated quarter of an hour.


At the final stage the juice is poured into jars.If the bank has had time to cool down, then it must be a spoon to a glass container is not cracked.Once the container is full, it is covered with a lid and with a special key is closed.Then invert the bottom up and covered with a blanket.The preparation of tomato juice for the winter comes to an end after all banks have cooled.On average, it takes 12-14 hours.


Homemade tomato juice for the winter - a useful drink for health.It is much better than what is sold in the store.Ideal - if your tomatoes are grown in the country or the garden.Then you get a natural product.But even in the case of buying them on the market or the store, you can choose the most suitable fruit.At least you'll know what it is made out of your juice.But regarding store products do not.