As uluchshit vision?

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ability to see - a unique gift that nature has presented to us, and to lose it is definitely not desirable.Therefore, almost everyone sooner or later think about how uluchshit vision.Every day our eyes are exposed to influence from the outside giant televisions, computers, tablets.All this worsens the condition of our vision and can even lead to blindness.

first thing you recommend to do all opticians - is to limit their time spent in front of screens, do not read books in poor lighting conditions and, of course, to eat.Products that improve vision, and certainly there in your refrigerator, but you do not suspect about their undeniable positive impact on the eye.

  • broccoli, spinach and other green vegetables are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin.These two compounds are antioxidants which are extremely useful for our eyes.Regular use of these products will minimize the risk of cataracts and retinal destruction.
  • Do not be lazy to go to the forest in the summer, as uluchshit vision assist and berries such as blackberries and blueberries.Anthocyanins, which in large quantities contained therein, prevents the development of myopia.In addition, they are well strengthen capillaries and improve brain function.Bilberries and blueberries need to eat, not only in summer but in winter, so they can freeze, roll up to the banks in its own juice or cook the jam.It is very useful to eat and fresh carrots.It contained beta-carotene prevents the development of cataracts.

If you care about your health, check your eyesight regularly by a doctor.In identifying violations of eye doctor can give you good advice on how to improve eyesight.Exercises designed specifically for the eye, allow relieve tension and reduce harmful stresses to which we are constantly exposed to.

  1. Wave the eyes first clockwise and then counterclockwise.This can be done as an open and a closed lids.
  2. look out the window at the farthest point, and then a few seconds Focus on very close objects.And once again turned his gaze away.
  3. Frequently blink often and cover your eyes when his hands for some time.

Perform these simple exercises can be both at home and in the office.However, the need maximum concentration and regularity, as uluchshit vision can only be in the process of working on a complex.

And here are some everyday tips:

  • in the car direct the flow of air from the air conditioner down, but not on the eyes.
  • Place the monitor at eye level or below and at a distance of not less than 50 centimeters.
  • If you can not take in food and fresh fruits and vegetables, drink multivitamins sold in pharmacies, with extracts of blueberry or bilberry.
  • not neglect sunglasses when outside light is too bright sun.

Now you know almost all the tips on how to uluchshit vision.Use them - and you will definitely notice the difference.