The story of Anton Chekhov's "Darling": summary and analysis of the product

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Anton Chekhov wrote the story "The Darling" in 1899.It belongs to the late writer's work.It is noteworthy that Chekhov's "Darling" immediately caused a mixed assessment in literary circles.The main theme of works - love.Only the main character, it is not just a necessity, and the meaning of life.And more important for her not to receive love and to give her.Humor of the situation is that every time the story of selfless deep feelings of the heroine is repeated.The composition of the story consists of four parts: in the number of cardiac affections in life Olenka.We give below a summary of the literary creation.

few words about the main character

Olenka Plemyannikova daughter collegiate assessor, retired, lives in his house with his father.This rosy-cheeked girl with delicate white neck, plump hands, gentle eyes and smile sweetly.Surrounding like a nice girl.She likes everyone.In a conversation with her and wants to touch her hand and tell her: "Darling!" In his heart Olya constantly present some kind of affection: she was in love with a teacher of French, then he began to adore their daddy, and then aunt visited her twoonce a year.The problem is that these sympathies often replaced one another.But Olenka is not worried as the people around her.They impressed naive girl, her credulity and quiet kindness.So describes his character in "The Darling" Chekhov.Summary will form an idea about the personal qualities of the heroine.The image of it is contradictory: on the one hand, it is endowed with the gift of self-sacrificing love.So dissolve into its second half is given is not for everyone.And it certainly makes the reader respect to the heroine.However, on the other hand, it appears to us gullible and windy special.The complete absence of spiritual interests, the lack of their own views and ideas about the world - all this is a mockery of the reader.

Kukin - first attachment Olenka

in a big house lodges Plemyannikova someone Ivan Kukin, landlord and entrepreneur entertainment garden "Tivoli".Olenka often sees him in the yard.Kukin constantly complains about life.From him and only heard: "The public now wild and ignorant.What she operetta extravaganza?Give her a farce!Nobody goes.Yes, and these rains every evening!And I rent, salaries have to pay the artists.The solid losses.I am ruined! "Olenka very sorry for him.On the other hand, in her heart she awakens love for this man.So what, he skinny, small in stature and says in a shrill voice.In its submission Kukin - the hero of daily fights with his main enemy - the ignorant public.Sympathy heroine is mutual, and soon married young.Olenka now hard at work in the theater of her husband.She, as well as he berates the audience, talks about the importance of art in human life and lends the actors.In winter, things are getting better spouses.In the evening Olenka watered Ivan Petrovich tea with raspberries and wrapped in warm blankets, wanting to correct the failing health of her husband.Unfortunately, the happiness was short-lived young: in Lent Kukin went to Moscow to gain a new troupe, and there died.After burying her husband, the young lady was plunged into deep mourning.True, it lasted long.About what happened next, we will tell the story of Chekhov's "Darling".And yet we see that character, imbued with thoughts of her husband, she becomes his shadow and echo.Its individual qualities as if he was not.With the death of a spouse loses a woman and the meaning of life.

Olenka remarries

When Olenka, as usual, was returning home from Mass, beside her appeared Vasily Andreyevich Pustovalov - managing forests merchant Babakaeva.He led the woman to the gate and left.Only since our heroine did not find a place for himself.Soon her house came from the mother of the son-in-law Pustovalova.Young were married and lived happily ever after in peace and harmony.Now Olenka talked only of forest land, the prices of wood, about the difficulties of transporting it.She felt that she was always doing it.The house Pustovalova was warm and cozy, delicious smell of homemade food.The couple did not go anywhere, to spend the weekend only in each other's company.When the surrounding advised "Darling" go and unwind in the theater, she replied that it was not a waste of time for working people.In the absence of a spouse, when he left for the forest, the woman missed.Her leisure time is sometimes brightened military veterinarian Smirnin.This gentleman in another city left his wife and child, that did not prevent him to spend time in the company of other women.Olenka was ashamed of him and urged to think again and to make peace with his wife.It would have lasted for a quiet family happiness "Darling" for many years, if not for the tragic death of her husband.Vasily Andreyevich once caught a cold and died.Olenka again plunged into deep mourning.What the author wants to draw attention to the description of the second heroine of affection that are amusing Chekhov?Darling - woman selfless, capable of great and deep feeling.Comical situations that great love story to the grave in the life of the heroine is repeated.And here it is the same: to complete dissolution favorite repetition echoed his words, a peaceful family life and tragic end.

New sympathy heroine

now surrounding almost never seen Olenka.Only sometimes it can be found in the church or in the vegetable market with the cook.But soon the neighbors had already beheld a picture in the yard, "darling" is sitting at a table in the garden, and next to her, drinking tea Smirnin.All became clear from the moment that a friend of mine in the mail Olenka suddenly told about the problem of contamination of milk from sick cows and horses.Since then, the young lady is talking about rinderpest, a pearl of the disease and many other things.Olenka Smirnin tried to keep the relationship a secret.However, others became apparent: in the heart of a woman, a new affection.What else can we tell in his story "The Darling" Chekhov?Summary of works allows us to trace the chain of sympathy Olenka.The author gives the reader the opportunity to feel the deep feelings of the heroine.At the same time it is a repeat of Example shows how they are limited and relative.We can understand how a new sense was conceived in the heart of the heroine.This is the third of its affection.Comical seems that with the arrival of her deep mourning women instantly disappears.

Olenka is alone

But not for long Olenka was happy this time.Smirnin soon distributed in the far shelf, and he left without calling with his beloved.The woman was left alone.Her father had died long ago.Loved ones were not there.Olenka began to black days.She lost weight, lost her looks and old.Familiar when it saw, we tried to go to the other end of the street to avoid meeting with her.Olenka summer evenings sitting on the porch, pawing in the memory of all his affection.But there as if it were empty.It seemed to her that there is no meaning in life.Before she could explain everything to talk.Now, in the heart and mind of it was so empty, so it was scary and sad, as if she "ate too much wormwood."Thus he described the loneliness of the heroine in the story Chekhov AP Darling lives only when it can give love a close person next to her.It would seem, here it is necessary to regret the heroine, because she suffers.But the author deliberately belittle the feelings and now Olenka, sneering at them, in the words: "as if the sage stuffed ...".And this is true.We will see how quickly change the picture in the lives of women from full of despondency and grief to absolute happiness.

new meaning of life heroine

all changed in a moment.He returned to the city Smirnin with his wife and ten-year son.Olenka gladly offered him and his family to live in her house.She herself moved into the lodge.Her life has a new meaning.She went happy, disposing in the yard.This change has not disappeared from the eyes of others.Friends noticed that a woman younger, prettier, better.It became clear: back former "darling."And it means that her heart once again a new attachment.Then we will see what is still seized Olenka my dear Chekhov.Last its affection is an example of selfless maternal love, tenderness, willingness to die for their child.Probably every woman in his life is to realize this natural need - to give tenderness and warmth to children.The good news is that our heroine was held as a woman and mother.

maternal feelings in the soul Olenka Olenka

all my heart fell in love with Sasha - son Smirnin.The wife of former veterinarian went to Kharkov in cases he spent whole days somewhere, appearing only late in the evening.The baby all day in the house alone.Olenka thought he was always hungry, pozabroshenny their parents.She took the boy to his aide in.With what tenderness woman looked at him, seeing the high school.As she spoiled child, he constantly potchuya sweets.What a pleasure doing with Sashenka homework.Now, from the "Darling" could be heard just about studying in school, textbooks, teachers, and the like.Olenka blossomed plumper.One woman was afraid - she had suddenly taken away her beloved Sasha.What fear she listened to the knocking at the gate: and suddenly a telegram from the boy's mother, which requires it to yourself?On this point finishes the unfinished work of Chekhov."Darling," and a brief analysis of the content of which is shown here, is the story of selfless love, which is so rarely encountered in our life, it sometimes such absurd and ridiculous manifestations.Personal character - an inexhaustible tenderness and warmth, care and affection.Ridiculous and insignificant compared to her her choice.She's funny only to the extent that when fully accept their way of life and their view of reality.Only in the last of his maternal affection, she becomes truly beautiful.This is her way of many women certainly recognize themselves.

We retold and analyzed Chekhov's story "The Darling," traced the woman from the near Philistine becomes a real Chekhovian heroine.