How to remove puffiness from the eyes?

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Everyone knows that it has the most sensitive skin around the eyes.It is the most subtle and delicate its areas requiring greater attention, careful and regular maintenance.Causes of edema of the eyelids can be very different - poor nutrition, constant stress, emotional stress, air pollution, fatigue and others.

How to remove puffiness from the eyes?Of course, it is better initially to prevent their occurrence.First of all, we should pay attention to your position during sleep.It is desirable that during the night some rest head rose above the body.

long been those who are looking for ways to remove edema from the eyes, is used for this purpose, ordinary silverware.Preferred in this regard spoon: in the morning they should be applied to the problem areas.The main thing - do not press too hard.

effective means to combat swelling is potatoes.Slices of raw root can be applied to the eyes for about 20-25 minutes.Alternatively, you can use for this purpose mashed potatoes.Some rub the potatoes, mix with herbs (dill or parsley), and is also applied to the eyes of the resulting mixture.Even an ordinary potato juice: cotton pad soaked in it, it is necessary for 10-15 minutes keeping the eyelids.

in how to remove edema from the eyes, truly irreplaceable assistant can be considered a daisy.Decoction of flowers need to push the lid for about 10-15 minutes, and then attach to the eyes of cotton soaked in it.

excellent assistant and may be the queen of flowers - rose.Its petals pour a glass of boiling water and insist within an hour.The finished tincture rubbed his eyes 2-3 times a day.

Probably every house there are tea bags.Few people know, but the tea - also a very effective remedy for swelling of the eye.Bags must be parboiled.Then cool in the freezer.In the eyes of the cooled tea bags kept for 8-10 minutes.

What if you need to quickly remove the swelling of the eye?In this case there are several popular recipes.Firstly, it can be applied to the eyes chilled cucumber slices.Invigorating and refreshing effect has himself cucumber juice.You can use egg protein - it is not only relieve swelling and saturate the skin with nutrients and help to make it soft and smooth.Egg whites whipped to a state of foam, and then applied to the skin around the eyes as a regular mask.Excellent results can be obtained by applying a compress milk (milk should also be cold).It's simple: milk damp swab of cotton wool and then applied to the swelling for five minutes to seven.At the end of the procedure is necessary to wash with cool water and apply a skin moisturizer.

There are also a few proven recipes of masks that will be very useful for those who are looking for a way to remove eye puffiness.For example, you can mix 2 teaspoons of sour cream with a teaspoon of grated parsley.Under the eyes of the mask holding about twenty minutes and then wash off with plenty of cold water.And here's another recipe for "delicious" masks: gauze bags wrapped in the usual cheese and keep them in problem areas for ten minutes.

And how you are struggling with swelling around the eyes?