How to make a compote of irgi

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any housewife every day you have to cook something tasty and healthy for your family and, by the way, not only food, but also drinks.An excellent solution to this problem would be stewed irgi.It has the original taste and also very useful.How to cook it, you can learn by reading this article.

Generally, this plant is widely used in the medical and dietary.Irgu can be consumed both in fresh and in dried or frozen.Another of her cook compotes and jams.The powder is made from the dried fruit of this plant, is often added to sauces, which they attach to a unique spicy flavor.

composition irgi

This plant contains a lot of biologically active and useful substances.Its fruits are rich in vitamins such as B, C and P. They also include carotenes, cellulose, sugars, minerals, organic acids, and pectin.

How to make a compote of irgi

course, recipes for its preparation have several, and each can decide exactly which to choose.The easiest option may be considered as follows: take the black currant and irgi, wash them and give dry.It will be better to move them to the bank, as it will preserve the beneficial properties of fruit.In a saucepan cook the sugar syrup is necessary.To do this, add the sugar in the water and wait until it is completely dissolved in it.After it is cooked, it is necessary to pour the berries.The Bank needs to close the lid and warm up in boiling water for 5 minutes Then you can wait until the compote irgi cool down and drink it immediately or put in the cellar and get it when you need it.By the way, if you are going to store the drink, the better pre-sterilized jars.

second method of preparation

If you want to make a compote of irgi the second recipe, it is important to select good fruit, except for wrinkled, dry and damaged by diseases or pests.After that, they must be washed and placed in banks, which are known to be sterilized.It is also necessary to prepare a syrup of 20 percent concentration by adding citric acid in a proportion of 3 g.1 liter of water.Once it is ready, pour over fruit.Now we can assume a drink ready.

third method of preparing

Those who decided to use this option to prepare compote irgi, need lemon, 700-1000 m.irgi berries, 2 liters of water and 200 grams.sugar.The fruit must be washed and placed together with water in a saucepan.On a small fire they will need to cook for about 40 minutes.Toward the end of this time, add the lemon juice and sugar and cook some more.Lemon drink in this its acid improves the taste, as she Saskatoon fresh-sweet.Ready drink has beautiful color because of the color intensity of these fruits.

So how to prepare compote irgi pretty easy, anyone can do it, and it is worth considering that the time it takes quite a bit.With a little effort, you will not only get a delicious drink, but also enrich the organism and the organisms of their loved ones a lot of useful substances.By the way, Saskatoon not only improves health, but also normalizes sleep.