The birth of a new life, you need a geneticist at pregnancy

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In modern times the parents when planning a pregnancy, often pay close attention to what, under what sign of the zodiac is to their future child, or a floor, completely oblivious to the fact that it is necessary first of all to pass the necessary tests and consult a geneticist.

Genetics - the science of heredity, by which doctors have set up special genetic tests aimed at identifying genes that can cause congenital diseases are inherited.Thus, the genetics of pregnancy, enables the research of various diseases, inherited as before conception and during pregnancy.

To date, a large number of families are turning to doctors for advice about the genetics of various diseases.Sure, genetics counseling during pregnancy is necessary, first of all, to determine the potential risk for the presence of diseases that can be inherited.Physician-geneticist conduct all necessary investigations in order to identify the presence of the unborn child's genetic pathologies.

Thus, when planning pregnancy, as well as the presence of pregnancy, the gynecologist advised to undergo prenatal genetic screening study.This study is conventionally divided into three main groups:

- invasive test to surgery, by which tissue and obtain fetal cells;

- non-invasive research, ie research with no surgical intervention, which include ultrasound and Doppler blood vessels of the placenta.

- sieving method of diagnosis is to identify in the mother's blood substances that can tell you about congenital fetus.

can say that genetics during pregnancy also involves determining the genetic risk groups, which includes people who have a high probability of the birth of children with hereditary diseases.These risk groups include:

- women with recurrent miscarriages or a missed abortion;

- women who drank during the period of conception preparations having a part of teratogenicity;

- women over thirty-five years, and men who have more than forty years of age;

- parents who have different diseases, devotional inherited;

- parents who are in consanguineous marriage;

- parents who have experienced the effects of radiation or chemicals.

When the pregnant woman gynecologist sends the passage of ultrasound.The first ultrasound pass on pregnancy in five weeks, but the second you need to go no later than fourteen weeks of pregnancy.This is due to the fact that a geneticist during pregnancy a woman has the opportunity in this period to make a diagnosis of fetal malformations and identify some of its changes, which may be a pathology of chromosomes.In that case, a specialist will be used method of diagnosis, biopsy and amniocentesis.It is also recommended to take a third US for a period of twenty-two weeks of pregnancy to detect abnormalities in the development of the face, extremities, and internal organs of the child.In this case, genetics, pregnancy allows for treatment of the child in the womb or develop a treatment strategy after his birth to a full recovery.

It should be remembered that only a comprehensive research geneticist pedigree, history and health status of women both parents allows the use of appropriate tactics survey pregnant and choose the appropriate treatment when the need arose.Thus , genetics during pregnancy to prevent the birth of children with various disabilities.