What soup can cook quick and tasty products from scrap

Thinking about what soup can cook quick and tasty, it is necessary to consider not only the lack of time, but also the availability of certain products.Even with good intentions, and knowledge can not be a good recipe to cook a dish, which is composed of ingredients that are not available at the moment.Tell us how soup cook quick and tasty of those products that can be found in every home and in all circumstances (in extreme cases - cheap to buy in the shop).

Mushroom Mashed

This rich, quite nutritious and very light soup is ready in just half an hour.Of the products need only vegetables were at hand and a bit of fresh mushrooms (frozen will also work).So, if on the way home in thought about what kind of soup you can prepare quick and tasty, were bought by 300-350 grams of mushrooms (in any form), and the house was found onion, carrots and a few potatoes, the problem with the first dish for lunch, you canconsidered solved.If some vegetable was not, you can do without it.Ideally, find another 100 ml cream, salt and black pepper and a little greenery.But again, you can do without them (except salt).

To begin to put on fire one liter of salted water and cook the mushrooms.While they boil, clean vegetables, cut them at random, and after 15 minutes sent to the soup.Then another 10-15 minutes, when all the ingredients are tender, turn off the fire.A little cool soup, mulled his blender, pepper and salt to taste and topped cream.The mass is then brought to a boil and serve, garnish with sprigs of greenery.It turns fast and delicious soup, but also incredibly gentle.So none of the guests would guess that cooked dish of what turned out to be handy.

What soup can cook quick and tasty of processed cheese

ingredients for this dish is required, as in the previous case, the minimum number.Several potatoes, small onion, a couple of tablespoons of vegetable oil, carrots, herbs and seasoning to taste.Essential ingredient of savory food (which made from the usual "empty" quite delicious soup dish) are processed cheese (3 pieces), which can be purchased at the nearest grocery store, and immediately went to the freezer.

You must first clean the vegetables.Potatoes cut into cubes and put to boil a liter of water.Onions and carrots cleaned, chopped finely and fry in vegetable oil.Once the potatoes are cooked, you can send in a saucepan rest of the vegetables, salt, add spices and grate the frozen cheese.Next, stir the soup should be, so they disappeared, and you can immediately turn off the fire.Serving, sprinkle with chopped herbs with fresh bread or toast.

soup with noodles and egg

This variant first course requires a little more ingredients than the previous ones.So he probably does not suit those who think what the soup can be prepared quickly and deliciously out of nothing, and the woman who decided to surprise the family a brand new dish, but this time it does not.

Per liter of water take a handful of fine vermicelli, 2 eggs, onion, salt, butter, a little pepper to taste.Eggs should be pre-boil and cool.Onion cleaned, cut into half rings and fry in butter.The water is brought to a boil, add the pasta, stir and then add the contents of the pan, cook for about 5 minutes.Then the soup salt and pepper, add the chopped eggs and remove from fire.The dish is ready, you can set the table.