Julienne with chicken in filo pastry

general French word julienne (July, year) means a special cutting vegetables into strips.However, the Russian word (correctly Julien, but the spelling julienne used more frequently) are used for the title of hot snacks, most of the chicken or mushrooms, baked with cheese.

In preparing this recipe Chicken julienne with the addition of porcini mushrooms, and not just baked in tins, and in filo dough.This dish looks more elegant and spectacular, so it is perfect for the holiday table.

You will need:

Chicken - 200 g
Vegetable oil - 20 ml
salt - ½ hours. L.
Wheat flour - 20 g
White Dried mushrooms - 15 grams
cream (10%) - 250 ml
filo dough - 150 g
Butter - 60 g
Hard cheese (Parmesan, Gruyère, Pecorino) - 50 g


Chicken fillet cut into small cubes and fry quickly at quite a high heat until golden.Inside the chicken should remain juicy, even damp, not desiccate it.

Separately, a dry frying pan fry a tablespoon of flour until creamy walnut smell and appearance.Mix the flour, so it does not burn.

to the flour, add chopped dried porcini mushrooms (also about a tablespoon).They greatly enrich and adorn the taste of the dish, serve here as a condiment.

Pour in the cream, season with salt and stir until the sauce thickens.

can instead of the cream, add the sour cream, then the sauce will have a slightly sour taste.Generally, julienne and cook with some cream and sour cream only.

sauce should get a pretty thick, but smooth and uniform.

be defrosted phyllo dough, without opening the packaging.If you have the dough in the form of large sheets, take a stack of several sheets with scissors cut a square with sides of 10-12 cm depending on the size of your molds for baking.

dough with which you are not working, be sure to wrap in foil or cover so that it does not dry out.Each square grease with melted butter and place on 3-4 leaves on each other, slightly shifted clockwise.

in each mold, place a stack of sheets, and carefully make an indentation.In the center, place the fried chicken.

pour the sauce on the chicken and sprinkle with finely grated cheese.

Bake about 15 minutes at 180 degrees C, while the edges of the dough and cheese is not zazolotyatsya.Serve hot.

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