Getting rid of mice in a wooden house?

In autumn almost every gardener puzzled problem of the welfare of your garden, as ill-prepared for the winter garden in the spring can meet his master bare trees.The danger usually comes from rodents, so loving, "fool around" in the realm of human rights.

How to get rid of mice in the country?

not leave the fruit trees next to the trash (tops, weeds or straw).Rodents are a handful of very attracted.Especially at risk to suffer gardeners, do not dig out the winter Jerusalem artichokes, sweet roots are very fond of the mouse.In general, the site should be tidied up, so that rodents were not likely to find a place to nest.

Tree roots need to wrap tar paper, just dug it into the ground.The height of such protection must be less than the expected level of snow, otherwise the spring rodents easily get to the branches of a pear or apple.Toll removed when the snow melts.

If every time fresh snow trample down firmly around the tree, it will bypass the mouse.

not like a mouse gnawing nylon stockings and white bags for sugar, these "good" and should wrap the trunks of trees and skeletons.

can scatter around the plantations sawdust, sprinkled with a solution of 10% creolin.

have tree trunks laid the poisoned bait.To do this, take kilogram grain little vegetable oil, 50 g zinc phosphate 10 g or krysida.Make rolls of tar paper and placed them on the 10 pips (not to poison the birds).When spring begins work duct burned.

How to get rid of mice in a wooden house?

The easiest and most reliable method for catching mice - glue "Clean houseĀ», ALT, and others. Poured glue, put the bait in it and everything.Infect you can catch a few fish.Mouse will not come off until the glue dust or moisture otmoknet.Do not forget that the bait for mice - this is not the cheese, which they never tried, and grains - their constant food (in sesame oil, which is sold in pharmacies, they just bring down the shaft).And you need to pour the glue on the plastic surface to rodent nothing to be walked on.

How to get rid of mice in a wooden house?Get a cat!Enough even a small kitten.He most likely will not need to catch rodents.Having sensed the smell of cat, they do Retiro.

Another simple method of how to get rid of mice in a wooden house - to place in all areas of the seeds in bowls chernokornya.The smell of this plant rodents simply can not tolerate.If

settled mouse in the walls, how to get rid?At various cracks and holes, pour the ashes.It provokes strong irritation legs pests.Typically, mice are dangerous to leave their territory very quickly.

If these methods do not bring the proper result, remains a last resort.Getting rid of mice in a wooden house quickly and reliably?It is necessary to establish repellents, which are now sold in specialty stores.To kill a rodent such a device, of course, unable, however, a couple of weeks in your house mice will not.Sounds made by the device, can not be heard, and are safe for humans.

Happy hunting!