Spring manicure - 2014: The main ideas for home nail art

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Ideas manicure with podiums are usually simple in design and effectively.They also have another advantage: in most cases, podium manicure than "shouting" and does not detract from the overall image.Let's try to introduce in the spring «look» just such techniques.

Moon manicure

Receptions moon manicure known.You need only 4 steps:

1. base coat that protects nails.Transparent or color nude.

2. Two layers of colored lacquer (hue wells).Dry.

3. Two layers of colored lacquer (second color), departing from the base of the nail to form an arc (well).

4. upper fixing cover.Transparent glossy opaque or transparent, depending on the desired result.

spring 2014 choose a new color combination.For example, the one that was proposed at the spring show of Peter Som: Marine Blue + Green Marine.


nails checkered or striped - the trend of the Spring 2014.Show Tibi Spring'14 presented minimalistic design with a stripe down the middle of the nail (horizontal and vertical).

A manicure at the show Tracy Reese Spring'14 was in a cage.

Modern tools allow for home manicure striped follow the trend without any effort.It is enough to get a special felt-tip pen for nail art, for example, such as Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art Pen (black shade).

1. Start with the base of the transparent layer.

2. Cover nails two layers of the background color (white or very light pastel).

3. black marker nail art paint stripes or a cage.

4. Dry and fix a layer of transparent varnish.

new French manicure

How many variations of this design we've seen!This spring, you need to try and one that has been demonstrated Wes Gordon.The highlight is to make the edge of the solid color.It turns out interesting effect nedokrashennyh little polish.Nail color - pastel.

1. Start with the base of the transparent layer.

2. Cover nails two layers of lavender shade.

3. edges do brush, shade nude.

4. Cover the layer of nails a glossy or matte finish coating, depending on what the result would prefer.And matte texture, and gloss - trending.

Spring glitter

This season will be wearing sparkles even in the daytime, and even in the office.Because Prabal Gurung presented a new idea: to put glitter in the entire nail plate, but only the middle.

To receive, you can use colored nail-glitter, but you can - holographic foil for nail art.

1. Apply two coats of nail varnish translucent pearl effect.

2. Centered swipe strip paint with colored sequins.Or - apply a strip of foil.

3. Secure manicure transparent gloss varnish.

Articles Source: mycharm.ru