Alphabet male shortcomings ... Part 1

A - Car.The absence of "motor landau" in your man - an obvious flaw, which is particularly acute in the winter in the public transport.However, the presence of car - lack no less.Why ?!Yes, you remember, with whom he is more busy - with you or with your beloved machine!

B - indifference.Everyone remembers the anecdote, when the wife of the couple could not attract the attention of her husband, and finally, in desperation, put a gas mask on his head, that was followed in the men's succinct question, "plucked eyebrows or something?" Well, what else to say about men's indifference?

B - wallow on the couch.Every man has a favorite four-legged friend - sofa.With him (or rather it) he is ready to spend hours and sometimes days.Go to the shop?Take out the trash?Take the child out of kindergarten?No, dear, I'm very busy, I rest ...

G - garage.Usually combined with the lack of the letter A sure sign: if Friday night my husband said that tomorrow morning for a minute zabezhit the garage, be sure that the theater, an exhibition or in the movies this weekend, you just do not get.

D - friendly gatherings.He returned three nights in another jacket, but with his silly grin, usually settles on his face after the nth cup, and your kind, "Again summoned ..." he gracefully lifts upwards forefinger and impressively says: "Do not you dare, uktalking bad, uh, my friends, uk. "

E - his habits.Cat easier to learn to dance a minuet than to cure a man walking in muddy boots on the carpet, do not leave an open tube of toothpaste, not to scatter all over the apartment socks and not get involved with a fork in the pan and wait for him to put food on the plate.

F - cruelty.Supper and watch "The Silence of the Lambs" or "Crimson Rivers", and then another hour to retell how much blood was in the "Alien vs. Predator", can only be completely heartless man.

Z - smell.There is nothing worse than a very "sweet" man.The pathological dislike of hygiene practices of some incurable.

And - treason.According to statistics, 15 years ago, the man changed three times more often than women.And now our sister ahead of the stronger sex, and the figures of the current year state: 74% of women change their husbands and men who change their wives, almost half less - 46%.But who can blame the lovely ladies of immoral behavior?After all the fault of the man they first gave us an example.

K - careerism.In a sacrifice to God on behalf of Careers modern men bring everything: personal time, friends, hobbies, and even love.

A - foolhardiness.Why when a steering almost every man there is a brief clouding of the mind, resulting in an idea that he - Schumacher, racing to the finish line in the "Formula 1"?

M - suspiciousness.Couple chihov and the temperature 37 can enter the man in hypochondriacal mood.Sheltered five blankets, he would whine, moan and harass you with tales of how he is bad, he had a fever and that's definitely time to think about making a will.

H - unreliability.He promised to call on Wednesday and called on Saturday, promised to give a star from heaven, and came with a box of chocolates, promised to marry, and ...

About - gluttony.A surprising number: three o'clock you do not depart from the stove, cook dinner, which would be a company of soldiers could eat a maximum of a week, and he comes and swallows all of three minutes.Moral: How many men feed, he is still looking into the forest, well, or in the refrigerator.

Continued ...

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