How to get rid of mold in the basement of a private house or garden

One of the main problems of the owners of private houses and summer residents - a mold.Many have stopped paying attention to the black spots on the walls of basements and cellars.And in vain, because the mold is not only spoils the appearance of the premises, but also very dangerous.Therefore, the question of how to get rid of mold in the cellar, relevant to many.

fungus eats away at wood, concrete and brick, gradually destroying the structure, spoil food stored in the cellar.In addition, the spores are carried through the air and fall into the person's lungs, causing allergic diseases, asthma, immunosuppression, and the deterioration of health.It is important to know how to get rid of mold in the cellar to save her home, food and health.

Molds are very tenacious, and it is better to try to prevent their occurrence.Protection against mold is carried out at the stage of construction, treating all surfaces with special anti-fungal compounds and setting proper waterproofing.But often this is not enough.

Mold likes to settle in damp and poorly ventilated areas, so cellar for it - the best place.In order to prevent its occurrence, his
need to air regularly in the summer to make all the shelves and drawers, dried in the sun and try to remove from the premises any excess moisture.Check the doors on the availability of slots, so that through them from getting rainwater.All items should not adhere to the walls, and the place to pour water seepage concrete.

Before laying of vegetables in the cellar it should be thoroughly dried.It helps unfolding on the floor and the corners of the white moss, salt and charcoal.Treat ceiling and walls with a solution of hydrated lime with copper sulfate.It is possible to add to the room overnight bucket embers, they not only dried, but also to disinfect the air.

How to remove mold in the cellar, if you already have appeared black spots?It should be taken out of the room all the items and clean contaminated sites wire brush.It is desirable to remove the stains with plaster.If struck by a small surface, it is treated with a solution of bleach.To enhance the effect, it is possible to add hydrated lime or formalin.Composition turns poisonous and must be handled carefully.Now you know how to get rid of mold in the cellar.Then the problem is solved by preventive measures: waterproofing and ventilation.

more than handle the cellar of the mold?You can make a clay putty, adding a same amount of copper and iron sulphate, and coat the walls.If the solution is typically sodium chloride in water and add to the solution a little boric acid composition obtained killing fungus spores.More often used slaked lime, it is especially effective if mix it with copper sulfate.

How to get rid of mold in the cellar if hit by a large surface and spores penetrated the depth?Before treatment should be repaired all the cracks and at night to make the room sulfuric bomb on a metal stand.It must ignite and leave, closing the door tightly.Couples sulfur completely destroy the mold.You can then ventilate the cellar and remove black spots.