How to reduce the sensitivity of the head?

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Premature ejaculation is a sexual dysfunction that is not caused by disorders of organic nature.It is manifested in the inability to control ejaculation in full.This is not only a medical problem but also a social, since it helps to reduce self male sexual relationship deteriorates and can lead to the disintegration of the family.

One option compensation premature ejaculation is to reduce the sensitivity of the receptors located on the penis.At the present time, to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis with a condom used local anesthetics such as lidokainovaja and anestezinovaya ointment etilaminobenzat, SS-cream.These ointments should be applied in the area of ​​the frenulum of the glans penis, so as not to cause anejaculation and prevent loss of sensitivity.For each anesthetic has its own application deadlines directly to sexual intercourse.Ointments are quite popular means guaranteed through clinical effect together with the almost complete absence of side effects and low cost.

therapeutic purposes to eliminate the problem of premature ejaculation is usually applied:

- Novocain (slowing down the transfer of excitation in the spinal cord reflex arc);

- Magnesium sulfate (decreased excitability of the central nervous system);

- ergot drugs (increased tone of smooth muscles and blocking the sympathetic nerve impulses);

- chloroethyl blockade.

Currently, these funds are used less frequently, in order to reduce the sensitivity of the head.Also with premature ejaculation using tools such as Tifen, spazmolitin, papaverine, Diprofen conducive to interrupt the transmission of nerve impulses.To reduce the sense of insecurity apply minor tranquilizers (Andeksin, meprotan, elenium, meprobamate, Trioxazine);sedatives (sodium and potassium bromide, tincture of valerian and Leonurus).The effectiveness of these drugs to eliminate the dysfunction is low, so the question of how to reduce the sensitivity of the head, is still relevant.

latest clinical research and experimental nature has been proven that the use of a number of pharmaceutical products contributes to the electoral impact on the regulatory mechanisms of ejaculation.Pharmacology is now helping to get rid of premature ejaculation more quickly and efficiently than a few years ago, so how to reduce the sensitivity of the head is now possible with the help of modern drugs.

inhibited ejaculation antipsychotics, tranquilizers, alpha-adrenergic blockers, tricyclic antidepressants.Another option for men often think about how to reduce the sensitivity of the head - circumcision.This procedure lays bare head of the penis, as a result of constant friction of underwear and a reduction in sensitivity.

In recent years, increasingly heard about a new method of reducing sensitivity using denervating surgical interventions on the penis.The advantages of this method is the lack of side effects when quick results.Consequently surgery for all patients is an increase in the duration of intercourse to average values ​​- up to 2-15 minutes.Almost all the men after the procedure to stop thinking about how to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis.This has a positive effect on their sex life.