How to sit violet: tips and tricks

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One of the most popular houseplants in our country for the past many years are violet (or, as they are called, Saintpaulia).They are all of us familiar with the childhood its soft velvety leaves, and bright beautiful flowers of various hues.Despite their prevalence and simplicity, care Saintpaulia has a number of nuances.In particular this applies to reproduction.So we offer today to learn how to sit violet.Also, touch and other methods of reproduction of plants.

How to sit violet?

If you have not transplanted a flower, in one pot you may see a whole plantation of plants.This leads to the fact that senpolii a general cease to bloom, or the process is becoming rare and scarce.In this case, as soon as possible to seat your violets.Keep in mind that the pot can be as already seated separately from the main flower plants and sockets, without their own roots and trunks attached to the parent.So, how to sit violet in different containers properly?

Preparation Before you begin the process, be sure that the land in a pot with your plant moderately moist.Then carefully remove the violet and separated from its trunk data in this outlet.This should be done with a sharp object (for example, a knife, a razor blade or a needle).Places slice sprinkled with powdered followed by coal.

sit violet

Once you have separated from the mother rosette flower, they should be put on the establishment.This can be done both in water and in the substrate (sand, coir, vermiculite and m. P.).The plants take root in the substrate, it should be either covered with polyethylene, or put in teplichku.As for the flower stepchildren who have already got their own root system, they should be planted in individual pots as adult plants.Very soon the young violets will grow quite rapidly and delight you with their magnificent color.However, before you put the processes and the mother plant in the new pots, you need to learn how to do it correctly.To learn how to change violets should occur in the home, talk on.

What to replace the land and move into a new pot of violets

to start the bottom of the container in which you plant violet, it is necessary to lay drainage.If you plan to spend wick watering, then immediately you need to install the wick through the drain hole.Thus, the pot is ready to receive a new "tenant".

How to remove the old pot of violets

Transplant home violets, are very sensitive plants should take place very carefully.This also applies to the extraction process senpolii from the old pot.To begin to gently knock on the outside of the container with the flower, and then tilt it and pour the excess land.If the soil in the pot was loose, after conducting such manipulation you will be able to easily pull the flower while holding the base of the socket.If the earth is old, it must first loosen it.

Transplant violets room implies a concern for its root system.So, when you remove the flower from the soil, gently shake the earth.It should be carefully remove the old brown roots that have served their time and are no longer useful function.Do not forget to sprinkle the damaged area with charcoal.Wash the roots in any case it is impossible, as this increases the risk of losing the entire plant.

violet Adults usually transplanted in pots, in which they are growing before.Because the root system of the plant does not need to increase the volume, it is enough just replacing the earth.Increasing the Saintpaulia should be transplanted into a larger container diameter.The value of new pots exceed the amount of the old no more than a couple of centimeters.

So, go directly to the planting.Practicing violet with one hand while the other slipped to the ground level of the lower fastening sheet.Compacted soil, gently tapping the pot on a flat surface and lightly pressing it from the top.

In some cases, transplanted by senpolii handling.This plant of the old pot must be removed with care to prevent the shedding of an earthen clod.Violet moved to larger size pot, and fill up on the edges of the missing ground.With this method the old soil, are accustomed to your Saintpaulia, completely preserved.

So, today we have learned how to sit violet, as well as the methods of transplants of this remarkable plant.We hope that this information will help you and your senpolii be healthier, become more luxuriant bloom and delight all your household for many years.