How to cook barley porridge?

Do you like porridge?If not, then you obviously time to reconsider their taste!I'm not going to convince you of the need for daily consumption of cereals and just talk about the benefits that our body gives this food.Let's start with cereals, which can rightfully be called the most useful.It - yachka.

recall our roots

Talking about proper, healthy eating, porridge is just worth remembering in the first place.After all, our ancestors knew a lot about healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by their longevity, stamina and energy, beating the key.And now remember that it was as a main dish on the dining table of our ancestors?Similarly, the very porridge!

Properties barley porridge

So, barley porridge.Benefits and harms of this food - the first question that we should understand.First, let's dispel the existing opinion today that have porridge - a sure way to gain weight.On the basis of which they were made such findings is unclear.You just think:

  1. barley porridge has a lower calorie content than other cereal grains (300 calories per 100 grams).
  2. Contains useful for the body substances that fight the accumulation of fatty deposits.
  3. Incorporates high in fiber, affecting the release of the body of toxins and impurities.

Therefore, barley porridge, benefits and harms is often discussed by gourmets, it must first be included in the diet of people suffering from obesity.There are several advantages of barley, namely mineral content (iodine, iron, phosphorus, calcium), vitamins A, D, E and B vitamins, this cereal is rich and amino acids.Their importance to our body all women know is following its natural beauty, because it is the amino acids affect the production of collagen in the body, so necessary for the elasticity and smoothness of the skin.

For some it may be harmful use barley porridge?

barley porridge, benefits and harms which are now estimated, for some may not be desirable dish.Experts do not recommend to include Peeled barley porridge menu babies up to one year.The reason is that yachka contains gluten, which can not be absorbed child's body.This does not mean that gluten is dangerous.Also, it does not mean that during pregnancy a woman should renounce the use of glyutenosoderzhaschih products.But if you notice an allergy in a child during breastfeeding, it is necessary to take time off from barley porridge.Perhaps it is this product has caused an allergic reaction in your toddler.

How to cook barley porridge?

We found that a barley porridge.Benefits and harms it became known to us.But that is not all.To complete the picture, we need to know and how to prepare such a mess.Everything is simple.Rinse the barley in water several times, to shift into a saucepan or kettle, cover with cold water (1 cup cereal to 3 cups water), put on medium heat and add salt to taste.When the water boils, reduce the heat and, stirring occasionally, cook porridge.When the water boils away completely (about 30-40 minutes), remove the pan from the heat, add the barley porridge butter and cover the pan with a lid.Wait 5 minutes and stir the contents.Dinner's ready, bon appetit!