The most expensive coin in the world: the top 5

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In this article we will talk about the most expensive in the world of coins, for which many collectors can give an incredibly large amount of money.It is understandable, because to get one of these coins in his own collection - is the dream of every coin collector.So, we list the most expensive coins, starting from the first place.

1. Dollar 1794

in 2010 at an auction this silver dollar was sold for $ 7.8 million, a record in the price range of rare coins.On the one hand the dollar depicts the bust of a girl symbolizing freedom.On each side of it has 15 stars.Not very hard to guess what many states have been in the United States in the late 18th century.On the other hand side a national symbol of the United States - the bald eagle.

2. Double Eagle

The obverse of this coin a twenty in 1933 is an eagle, but the reverse - the Statue of Liberty.The second representative of the rating "The most expensive coin of the world" has a very interesting history.In 1933, about half a million minted such coins, but due to the crisis have decided to melt them all.All except the 20 that were stolen enterprising thief, and then bought a jeweler named Israel Svitt.The latter, in turn, sold them to private collectors.US intelligence agencies have confiscated the coins except the one who was the king of Egypt.In 1991, it managed to do as little thing into the hands of Englishman Steven Fenton.Briton sues.After much litigation, it was decided to implement a coin through the auction and share the amount received between the US and the British Treasury.In 2002, the "Double Eagle" went at auction for $ 7.6 million.

3. Dublon Brashera

In 1787, the US jeweler Brasherom Ephraim was made the first gold coin pyatnadtsatidollarovogo par.On the obverse minted image of mountains with the sun rising behind it.On the reverse there is an eagle with the head rotated to the right.In 2011, an anonymous collector paid for her $ 7.4 million, allowing it to take third place in the ranking of "most expensive coins."

4. Five cents 1913

proceed to the next position.Fourth place in the ranking "The most expensive coins" get 5 cents in 1913.The fact that up to this time has been minted nearly 600 million nickels.After that they shut down their production.But in 1913, an employee of the mint minted illegally 5 more pieces.In 2006 one of them was sold for $ 4.1 million companies that buy antiques.Coins same coinage 1883-1912's sold at a price 30 to $ 75.

5. Silver Dollar

In 1834 the US government issued an order for the manufacture of two gift sets of coins of all denominations, who were then in circulation.But employees of the mint error on one of the 15 issued dollar coins were not put down in 1834 and 1804.This thing resold so many times, until in 2008 it has not got a private collector for $ 3.7 million.

And in the end I want to mention the most expensive coin of Russia - Konstantin ruble.One of the collectors have recently bought it for $ 100,000.By the way, if you consider all the commemorative coins of Russia, among them also come across some very expensive items.