How old is Ukraine?

Ukraine How many years?This question many times been the subject of discussion of scientists and historians.All they call different numbers, leading the countdown of Ukrainian statehood by various historical events.

territory of modern Ukraine, from ancient times to the first rudiments of statehood

independent Ukraine How many years?To try to answer this difficult question, it is necessary to delve into the history of this country.

first homo sapiens began to settle on the lands of modern Ukraine is still 30-40 thousand years ago.These were the Cro-Magnons.The remains of one of their centers discovered by archaeologists in the unique historical reserve "Stone Tomb" in the Zaporozhye region.

In Eneolithic (IV-III millennium BC) cultural center on the territory of modern Ukraine (as well as Moldova and part of Romania) becomes Trypillia.Carriers of this culture have made significant progress in the art, culture and agriculture, building the first proto, we developed a system of signs.

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In VII-III century BC on the lands of the southern part of Ukraine there public education Scythians.Around the same time in the Crimea and the northern Black Sea coast originate Greek city-colonies.

At the end of the ninth century AD begins to form a powerful (at the time) public education throughout Europe - Kievan Rus.

Ukraine How many years?Let's try to answer this question below.

How old Ukraine: different approaches - different versions

There are several versions in the assessment of the age of the Ukrainian statehood.Some researchers are counting from the time of the formation of Old Russian power with the center in Kiev.By the way, it was during the existence of Kievan Rus in the Ipatiev Chronicle (1187) first mentioned the name of this country.However, in the original text, it sounds like "Oukraina."

Other historians suggest to start to count the Ukrainian statehood in 1649, when it was founded by Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky power after the liberation of the territories from the Poles.By the way, in Pereyaslavl contract in 1654 Russia signed an agreement with Ukraine.

Many historians believe that the year of "birth" of the state of Ukraine can be considered in 1918, when Kiev was officially declared the UPR (Ukrainian People's Republic).However, it lasted only three years.

How many years of Ukraine's independence?

2014 - the year in which the independent Ukraine 23 years.And if we talk about the official age of the State, it is necessary to call this figure.

August 24, 1991 was adopted by the Act of Independence of Ukraine.It was after the adoption of this historic document by the Verkhovna Rada on the map of Europe officially, a new sovereign state.Today, on August 24 is celebrated as the Day of Ukraine's independence.

According to Ukrainian law, Ukraine is the successor of the USSR.

In December 1991, a young country held a referendum in which 90% of Ukrainians voted for independence of Ukraine.By the way, all the leading Ukrainian politicians of the time did not expect to get such a result.Even Vyacheslav Chornovil (leader of "Rukh") before this referendum, said the following: "We have to get at least 50% + 1 vote!"

In conclusion ...

So, how old Ukraine really?

Some start counting the Ukrainian state from the time of Kievan Rus', or even the era of Tripoli culture.Others believe that Ukraine as a state has arisen in 1649.However, if we talk about the age of the independent state of Ukraine in its modern limits, the country celebrated (in 2014) only 23 years old.