How to be: damage hookah - a myth or a bitter reality?

so happened that in our country welcomes all imported, starting with clothing and footwear, finishing with drugs and hookahs.Why hookah is in line with the drug?After all, it is virtually harmless.So, at least, is considered by many fans of the eastern unit.However, the damage hookah over the years is a topic that causes controversy.Hookah - Oriental tube smoke, through which since ancient times, the inhabitants of Egypt relaxed.In recent years, hookah smoking has become fashionable in America and throughout Europe.There are special bars that offer its visitors to relax and smoke hookah east.Almost all schools offer a night's rest in a hookah menu.Among young people hookah popularized as a safe way to relax for relatively little money.Is it really?Is hookah - a secure eastern gift, not harmful to the human body?And there should be objected to this view.People who smoke hookah addiction, as many can convince yourself it is safe for health.In fact, far from it.We reinforce the "flattering" words about hookah facts that prove more extensive damage hookah on the human body.

You should be aware that any smoke caused by the impact of slow decay, contains in its structure a negative impact on the human body substances.Nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, formaldehyde cause irreparable damage to our health.Any kind of tobacco and smoke (including tobacco used for hookah smoking) causes the body negative mutation at the genetic level.Of course, genetics is not fully explored, however, pass the disease to their offspring is possible.Smoking a hookah, you harm not only themselves, but also their future grandchildren.

Many believe that the hookah - a harmless alternative to smoking regular cigarettes.It is a profound error.The fact that the damage hookah actually much larger than the negative effects of cigarettes.Recently conducted research, which resulted in proven that hookah smokers inhale tobacco smoke amount equal to 100 200 smoked cigarettes.Many believe that such a fate by saves water through which the smoke.This is misleading.The temperature of the smoke hookah about 400 degrees.Even after going through the water combustion products cool down to a safe temperature for the human body.Plus, many of the components of tobacco smoke by their nature can not dissolve in water.Thus, they are sent directly to the lungs of a man who smokes a hookah.Cigarette, as opposed to a hookah, you can throw it away, if you need to run somewhere, but the process of smoking the east present time consuming.Any form of nicotine causes human chemical dependence.In order to be satisfied with nicotine hookah smokers need to hold the device for 20 to 80 minutes of your time.Imagine the amount of tar and carbon monoxide will receive a body.Stats - it accurate.Thus, when smoking a cigarette, a smoker puffs on average 10-13 and inhales smoke volume of 0.5 liters.During a session of hookah smoking man carries up to two hundred puffs, each breath contains a volume of smoke up to one liter.It follows that the shisha you cause yourself harm equivalent hundred cigarettes smoked.And then deny the harm of hookah?For the most ardent fans of hookah has two iron fact: laryngeal cancer and lung cancer.Most smoking mixtures for hookahs made artisanal method.At the same time nobody is testing on the content of hazardous substances for human life.The main cause of cancer of the larynx and trachea from smoking hookah is a large amount of smoke that the smoker sucks in immediately.Thus nearby organs affected respiratory system.Here you have a completely harmless hookah.Even in the homeland of this device, doctors ascertain the fact that hookah is the main reason because of which extends tuberculosis.

As you can see, the harm of smoking hookah is obvious.Only a person who blindly chasing fashion trends may continue to smoke shisha and not think about the consequences.Everyone has their own opinion, but it must be remembered that the damage hookah proved and shall entail grave consequences for the health of the body.