Top fragrances for Defenders of the Motherland

February 23 is considered to be a male in the afternoon.The Soviet tradition of men to equate the defense of the Motherland for 20 years as an outdated.The young men of the XXI century "mowed" from the army, but another reason calendar staged a mass hysteria of gifts for men is not found.Today we will talk about the fragrant gifts on February 23 from a military point of view.

¬ęCombined Arms" flavors believe colognes.There are many, they freshen, disinfect and neither are non-binding - they loved the military of all countries and the armed forces.A bit old-fashioned, but for the infantry at the time (it's the most ancient and traditional branch).

the presence of nuclear and space weapons Marines stuck in the past, but also marching on each parade.The ideal would colognes or Eau de Guerlain Eau du Coq (Guerlain).To keep uniformity in the way of troops, corporals should wear Eau d`Oranges Vertes (Hermes), sergeants - Eau d`Hadrien (Annick Goutal), officers of the - Cologne du 68 (Guerlain), general's -

Eau de Cologne (Chanel Exclusifs).Overall consistency is met, but a different price will work as a star's stripes on his epaulettes.

artillerymen and tankers as the kind of forces that support the infantry in ground military operations should be chypre fragrances.Flavors like armored fist should be stronger and longer smell."Chypre" Russian production is not advised to give - or on March 8 will receive the "Red Moscow"!Recommended Green Polo (Ralph Lauren) and Givenchy III, Black Antaeus (Chanel), Cravache (Piguet) and Derby (Guerlain), gold (to the generals and heroes) Amouage Gold pour homme (Amouage).

Pilots wearing lavender and wine glasses - freshness.Citrus colognes replaced with lavender: These blue flowers are very suitable to the buttonholes and chase pilots.Services ground support missions can invest in the Impact (Caron), Eau du Lavande (Annick Goutal), the officer corps - in Gris Clair (Serge Lutens), but by the pilots is important to give the fragrance A Taste of Heaven (by Kilian).They know what heaven tastes.You can give pilots and "Ozone" flavors, from Escape for men (Calvin Klein) and to L`Homme (Yves Saint-Laurent).In this case you are willing to help any consultant perfume store password "And something straight from the tin men have?".The main thing - not to mix water with fragrances, which are intended for sailors.They will appreciate the cold steel and crisp clean Rive Gauche pour homme (Yves Saint-Laurent).

If your warrior was paratrooper , do not need to choose between an air-ozone and feet on the ground citrus cologne.Wood and wood again!From living cedar Gucci Rush for men and Gucci Homme to burning wood Rien (Etat Libre d`Orange) and smoky incense Scent 79 for men (Jil Sander).

Rocketeer , as the nuclear shield of the country, need flavors penetrate to distant lands and carrying vengeance on all potential aggressors.Oddly enough, these too.Narciso Rodriguez for men, or "metallic violet."Striking range of - a couple of blocks, powerful and fresh.Or Antidote (Victor & amp; Rolf), ¬ęMetallic Lavender 'cleanses from all bad smell entire floor.There are "Metallic snuff grandfather", we clean all the odors that are not managed to kill deodorant - Tabarome Millesime (Creed).

But scouts need imperceptible infiltration.The best way to cope with this job a modest iris: familiar Dior Homme (also in variations of Sport and Intense), 28 La Pausa (Chanel Exclusifs), Iris Pallida (L`Artisan Parfumeur).In a well-deserved retirement to write his memoirs, "For what I received the Star of the Hero and the secretary general of the kiss" of subversive activities will Irisss (Xerjoff).

Bring your man for a few seconds in the army.When he was given as a gift you will enjoy the aroma of loud bellow: "Warning!Strip! "And immediately kiss him.In contrast.

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