How to make a hedgehog from potatoes?

Crafts of the products - it is an entertaining hobby, which will bring a lot of positive emotions, while being absolutely safe.It could be considered as cookery and for needlework.The main advantage is that cool crafts from potatoes with their hands can be fun and easy to make with the children.They quickly master the technique, and you will only take care of the process of creating a cute animal.

first option

The easiest way to make a hedgehog from a potato - boiled vegetables directly in the skin or uniform.Although it can be safely used in their raw form.When the potatoes cool down, take a toothpick and a stick, simulating a needle.If you're lucky, and the potatoes will fall with a long cone with one hand, then this is where you can make the nose.To do this, fit a piece of olives.Eyes can be made of droplets of mayonnaise, or hand cream.Pupils also perform pieces from olives peas or black pepper (you can use special eyes, like a toy, they are sold in stores for creativity).

mouth can be made from pieces of tomato, carrots and so on. D. Instead of tabs fit cut into 2 or 4 pieces of black olives.On top of the needles can impose Mushroom, cherry tomatoes or a small apple.

second option

How to make a hedgehog from potatoes?Who will tell.Note that all the ingredients are edible crafts.You will need cooked tuber, fresh or pickled cucumber, green onions and vegetables for decoration.This hack can safely serve it as a salad, but in an unusual way.So, cucumber should be cut into strips (this will be a needle).This must be the same length bow.Potatoes should be cut in half and leave the surface of the crude.Using toothpicks or thin knife need to make holes and insert a straw into each cucumber.Across the back of the hedgehog evenly accommodate 5-7 stalks of green onions.If used pickled cucumber, pickle dish is not necessary.Eyelets made from mayonnaise and sliced ‚Äč‚Äčolives.Hedgehog from potatoes placed on a lettuce leaf and decorated with greenery.Before serving, it should pepper and drizzle with vegetable oil.This salad, despite its simplicity, will attract attention and bring a smile on the face of the guests.This is especially a dish fit for children.

Funny articles made of potatoes are good that do not require special skills and products for their preparation are simple and accessible.For example, can be made with the children of birds, animals and even a snowman.There are many ideas on how to diversify their leisure time and have fun.

example, sticking to the boiled potato tuber large raw sunflower seeds, will get another hedgehog.Such crafts can be made using the needles, instead of matches.

original products from potatoes

to our hedgehog out of potatoes is not bored, you make it pink tubers of friends, for example, it may be domestic pigs.To create crafts need to select an oblong tuber, cut it with a fine hand.It will be a stigma.Draw a felt-tip pen nostrils.Ears and tail need to sculpt from clay similar color.Because it is needed and hooves.Only in the middle of them, you must first put some toothpicks.This will give a hand-made article of stability, and the legs do not fall apart under the weight of potatoes.In place of the eye to make small notches and insert them peas black pepper.Funny pig ready.

edible hack

How to make a hedgehog of potatoes, so he was nice and not just edible, but still delicious?This time, it will have to bake.To do this, take the 6 potatoes, thoroughly wash, leave the skins and cut in half.Remove part of the skin, it will muzzle.Grate half the salt, brush with oil.Instead, the eyes and the nose paste pea pepper.How to make a hedgehog of potatoes even more delicious?Rub with garlic.Place the family in the oven and bake at 180 degrees until golden brown.It takes 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the variety of potatoes.When urchins are ready, put them on a dish in the form of clearing.To this end, its bottom should be paved with dill to taste at each kartoshinku drip sauce of mayonnaise and garlic.Arrange urchin and decorate clearing cherry tomatoes, thick strips of cucumber, located on the edges of dishes.

Conclusion It is clear that the methods of how to make a hedgehog potatoes, very much.Some of them can safely implement with children, other guests will delight in the form of the proposed dishes.