Who is the Creator of Oriflame.

"We started the business in early 1967, and since then our life has become like a marathon," - says Robert af Yoke-nick, he and his brother Jonas af-Yoke nickname develop an international cosmetics company Oriflame.Resourceful brothers received the status of "Swedes in 2003." The next step - was the opening of representative offices in China. "This summer, we decided to start working in Vietnam, and then planned to move the business to China", - said Robert af Jochnick.

Brothers nagladili prize for the fact that for more than thirty years, Jonas and Robert create an international cosmetics corporation.Their company provides jobs for thousands of people, mostly women.Despite the great success, the brothers decided to permanently adhere to strict business principles and to make a significant contribution to charity in the world.

Creator Oriflame Robert af Jochnick confessed that the award to him in person is - a great honor."It's always nice to get approval of what you do, - said Robert, and continued: - Our marathon that does not end in 1967, and today it is clear that we have achieved good resultsĀ».

"good results"- it is very modest, noting that last year the total turnover of Oriflame became more than 540 mln. euros, of which the income, net of tax, amounted to about eighty million. euro. And on the Tonight Oriflame operates in more than sixtycountries around the world and has over 1.3 million. Distributors.

"To start a business, we somehow scraped together 54,000 kroner, and even got a bank loan, the loan was in the amount of 100 thous. CZK.We started in Stockholm, in double room.From there began our first steps.

Oriflame was founded in Sweden in 1967 by two brothers Robert and Jonas af Jochnick also in creating uchuvstvoval another man - Bengt Hellstenom.
Its name comes from the confluence of two Latin words - aureum and flamma.This is one of the strongest companies in the world network on segodnshny day.The number of its consultants is constantly growing and currently has about 7.5 thousand. For the world.The annual turnover of goods viriruetsya in the region of 1.3 billion euros, the range of goods 950 units.Oriflame has its own 5 plants and 2 research laboratories for the analysis of production and quality control of production.

can say that the brothers created a company of his dreams.And the creator of Oriflame proud of the work done.