How to make balls of paper with your own hands?

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balls of paper can become not only a creative toy, but also a great budget decor.They can be used alone, or make entire garland.Here are some ideas of craft projects.Instructions and the scheme ball of paper attached to each option.

What is needed for making paper beads?

to make a ball of paper with your hands, do not require special materials and tools.It's enough to have a piece of paper.You can use any loose format: album sheet, colored paper, packaging and so on.

as additional materials may need scissors, needle and thread, glue or double sided tape.

Origami paper - ball-accordion

To make such an original garland, special efforts will be required.Suffice it a little perseverance.

Instructions on how to make the balls of paper:

  1. Take a rectangular piece of paper (picture 1).
  2. Draw with a pencil and ruler rectangular lines (picture 2).
  3. Then, in the middle of a leaf, drafted perpendicular lines, draw another, zigzag (picture 2).
  4. Along the edges of the rectangle, carried out between all the lines, make holes using a conventional needle (picture 3).
  5. Fold the rectangle of painted lines in an accordion (picture 4).
  6. Turn the sheet upside down and bend it in a zigzag line (picture 6).
  7. Now please gently folds inward and outward on the lines which intersect zigzag (picture 6 and 7).It requires patience.As a result, you should get such a strip of paper, as in the picture 8.
  8. Swipe through holes made in paragraph 4, a needle and thread (picture 9).
  9. Connect string and glue the ends of paper stationery glue (picture 10).

One surround the ball of paper ready.Similarly, make a few more balls and connect them to the garland.

Magic ball of paper

it will be difficult to do here is a magic paper ball.But the result of your work is just adorable!Therefore, time and effort is worth it.

So instructions on how to make the balls of paper:

  1. Take a rectangular sheet of paper.Aspect ratio should be about 1: 2.
  2. Fold it in half in length.
  3. Then expand the list.You will get a long fold in the middle.
  4. Take a few bends on both sides of the center.The number at the top and bottom should be the same as their resolution.The larger the number of folds, so nice to get the ball as a result.
  5. Smooth leaf.
  6. Fold it in half to get another crook who is perpendicular to the current.
  7. again expand the list and make a few more of the same perpendicular to the folds in the same way as you did in step 4.
  8. Smooth sheet and turn to his back side.Thus, you will have folds at the bottom.
  9. Put the sheet length.Take a pencil or a pen and draw a cross (X) in height two lines long bends.The center of the cross must be on the line perpendicular to the fold.Thus, your cross will take four cells.Everyone should contact the following from the previous one upper and one lower corner.
  10. Fill crosses the entire lower part of the leaf.
  11. Draw the second row of the first to begin it should be, retreating by one cell.The third row should begin where the first.Fill leaf rows of crosses to the end, do not forget to alternate padding.
  12. Begin to bend a sheet of crosses from the first row.Folds should be first turn left, then right.For convenience, you can take the line.
  13. Do exactly the same with the rest of the rows of crosses.
  14. When all folds are ready, you can begin to build.

Build a magic ball of paper

To assemble paper ball, run the following items:

  1. Put a sheet of paper crosses up.
  2. Take a leaf and begin to bend the middle of a cross on the inside of bends.
  3. So proceed with each of them over a piece of paper.
  4. As a result, you will have the original accordion.
  5. rows along the edges of the sheet bend inward.
  6. Take the glue and promazhte them the edge.
  7. Glue together the edge of the paper.

Magic Ball is ready!


Instructions on how to make the balls of paper in this style:

  1. Take a sheet of paper square shape.
  2. Connect opposite corners so that a triangle (picture 1).
  3. Connect the two bottom corner to the upper (picture 2).
  4. Bend the right triangle (picture 3).You see what happens fold line, which visually divides the angle into two parts (picture 4).
  5. Fold the bottom triangle, as in the picture 5.
  6. Straighten edge.As a result, you should get as shown in picture 6.
  7. Tuck a small triangle at one layer of paper (picture 7).
  8. «tail» of two triangles on the sides of the bend (picture 8).
  9. Place triangles in the closest to them pocket (picture 9).
  10. Five of these modules need to glue together.In the picture 10 conditionally designated place glue.
  11. Glue molds together all five corners of the petals (picture 11).
  12. When you connect all the modules, do not forget to glue the lace, if you plan to hang the ball.

ball-flower is ready!

Balloon paper

To create a balloon, do the following:

  1. Take a square sheet of paper.
  2. bend the opposite corners, two pairs.
  3. You get two lines of visual folds that meet in the middle.
  4. Now take a sheet and make a triangle.For this bend sheet again making a perpendicular line with respect to the existing audio.Fold the sheet.
  5. Fold the two corners of a triangle to the third.
  6. Repeat the same thing on the other side.
  7. Now before you the diamond.Turn it one of the tops up.
  8. Fold the two vertices of the rhombus in the middle, where you already have a connection of two angles of a triangle.
  9. Do the same with the other side of the diamond.
  10. Push the one to turn away from peaks.
  11. Stick it in one corner of the resulting figure.
  12. Do the same with the neighboring area.
  13. Turn the figure and repeat steps 11 and 12.
  14. Now turn what happened to him midway.It turned out the hole through which you can inflate the balloon.

Balloon ready!


few tips on how to make the balls of paper quickly and easily:

  1. to connect the edges of the paper it's best to use a glue stick.With it, the paper will stick together, and will not be visible flow of excess glue.
  2. To make the folds, use an ordinary ruler.
  3. to balls were really original, take the wrapping paper.
  4. For decorative products are beads, beads and small accessories.
  5. Do not use cardboard, sheet must be bent several times.With cardboard do not succeed.

And most importantly, be patient!And if you want to make origami balloons with your children, you must first work out for yourself, and then move on to lessons with the kids.