The most beautiful beaches in Germany

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German islands and resorts largely remain a mystery to the Russian traveler.Although the coast of the North Sea and Baltic Sea are famous for breathtaking views, wide sandy beaches and rich nature.For those who are not chasing the 40-degree heat and wants more peaceful than in Turkey, recreation, Focus magazine compiled a list of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.

Resort prairie peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst

Prerovsky North Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany.It stretches for 5 km in length and 80 meters wide near the resort Prerow on the Baltic Sea on the peninsula Fischland-Darss-Zingst.Due to the gentle entry into the sea beach is especially suitable for children, pensioners and those who can not swim.On specially designated areas are allowed to bathe dogs.

In addition to the beach, visitors can walk along the coastal strip, which leads directly to the former fishing village of Prairie spa which has a history of 130 years.

Those who love nature in its original form, it may take a stroll through the woods Darser Wald and fed the popular West beach with a characteristic of the area bent trees.

Usedom Island

on Usedom visited and bathed Thomas Mann, Theodor Fontane and Kurt Tucholsky - already in the XIX century, the island became a popular destination for vacation.As the summer days are conducted mostly wealthy citizens of Berlin, the island was called "Berlin resort."

cultural program focuses on the 42-kilometer sandy beach: here is 8.4 km long and the longest promenade in Europe.It is surrounded by luxury villas as well as well-known resorts of the three Kaisers: Bansin, Heringsdorf and Ahlbeck.

Surrounded by forests and bathing lakes, the island is perfect for biking.

Rugen Island

Ruegen - the third largest island in Germany (926 square kilometers).Along with a 60-km stretch of sandy beach, there is a traditional Baltic castles, as well as large national parks.

most famous and popular beach of the island of Ruegen - Shaab in the north-east.It stretches for 12 kilometers and connects the peninsula Jasmund and Wittow.With beautiful views of the coast to Cape Arkona and the famous chalk cliffs.In addition, the five-kilometer beach is very popular in Binz.Here are a variety of water sports: from the sailing and surfing and pedal boats and ending with skiing on the "bananas".

Island Hiddensee

To the north-west of Rügen is a picturesque island of Hiddensee.It is forbidden to ride in cars, and he gained his fame thanks to sea buckthorn trees growing everywhere, and is said to possess healing powers.But this popularity has brought the island poet Gerhart Hauptmann, vacationing here in the summer at home.

Tourists especially like Witte five-kilometer sandy beach, where the shore of the hollow goes into the water, so great for kids, neumeyuschih swim, and the elderly.

Lübeck Bay

Riverside Timmendorfer Strand is located in Lübeck bay and surrounded by luxury villas.There, as they say, and then you can meet a celebrity - at least in the "Cafe VIPs," or otherwise, "Angelus corner» («Engel's Eck»).Otto came here Vaalkes, Udo Lindenberg and Wladimir Klitschko.

Timmendorfer beach stretches for six and a half kilometers long and is the longest beach in Schleswig-Holstein.Here, the bottom of a shallow, child, dog and nude beaches are located separately.In the west, adjacent to the sandy beach of Timmendorfer Niendorf from the picturesque port.Both beaches on the Baltic Sea for the first time began to offer access for the disabled, and since then, five floating free wheelchairs give the opportunity to swim and people with disabilities.

island of Sylt

on the island of Sylt come to "look at others and be seen."In fact, the fourth largest island of Germany is available not only for rich people.On a sandy beach 40 kilometers long washed away the boundaries between conventional and nudist, surfer and a dog beach.Especially famous beach Buhne 16 in Kampen, where the Club Rotes Kliff - the place around which revolves the whole nightlife Sylt.

Listsky western beach in the North is especially suitable for family vacations.At the northern end of the peninsula there Sylt Ellenbogen: it is the most northern point of Germany.

Juist Island

Juist Island called magical land.The island stretches for 17 kilometers in length: this is the long and narrow island of East Friesland.

The locals are particularly proud of their sandy beach that stretches across the island.Here you can play, sunbathe, relax and how to posobirat shells.

resort of St. Peter-Ording

most favorite tourist destination in the North Sea - is St. Peter-Ording.It is the longest beach on the west coast - 12 kilometers long, surrounded by dams and moving dunes.It is the only German bathing area with hydrogen sulfide baths.

most popular and long stretch of beach located in Ording, where the annual major events.

Island Borkum

ostfrizsky largest island is 50 kilometers from the mainland.The island area of ​​31 square kilometers, is considered the second most beautiful island of Germany, after Juist.Local maritime climate is particularly Healer for allergy sufferers.

Already in 1830 the city of Borkum is officially recognized healing resort in the North Sea.The main bathing area is considered to North Beach, where you can glimpse the sea.To the east is the beach for young people, where demand kite flying, volleyball, football and sailing.Exactly in the middle between two segments beach border post marks the most northwestern point of Germany.

Island Amrum

Amrumskie pirates plunged local residents in horror argue that in 1816 the entire population of the island was in prison.Today it looks more peaceful.Beach called Knipzand stretched for 16 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide.

Amrum consists of sand dunes, fields and forests, and 42 meters above the ground climbs the highest available to visit the lighthouse on the North Sea coast.With views of the Hernum and the neighboring island of Fohr.

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