How to choose a Xenon lamp for the car?

Now for many vehicle mounted xenon symbolizes prestige and high prices.And no wonder, because all these luxury cars are equipped with lighting equipment.Xenon gives commercial vehicles, thanks to him, the car is unlikely to go unnoticed in the stream.Working on the style of the iron horse, the owner of a small not resort to the help of xenon.In addition to all the benefits associated with the appearance, at the Xenon lamps have the dignity of a practical plan.

is not recommended to buy very cheap lamp, because it subsequently lead to more spending because they are very small.Popular manufacturers are asking for their lamps much more, but the price is justified.Also buying cheap lamp, you can run into a fake that will not be present xenon nothing.We will understand how to choose the head lights and a xenon better.


traffic safety in low visibility conditions is highly dependent on how well looked traffic conditions ahead of the vehicle.Xenon light, which surpasses in intensity halogen more than 2 times, motorists will be a good helper.The beam of light produced by burning Xenon lamp has a spectral composition, able to do more distant objects visible.Also excluded the effect of the formation of a "light wall" in the rain and snow that is so familiar to owners of vehicles with halogen headlights.

But that's not all the benefits of xenon lamp.Xenon also has parameters similar to those of natural sunlight, which is more favorable effect on the driver's vision.When comparing life span of xenon with a lifetime of halogen lamps, it can be concluded that the latter are 10 times smaller.Energy efficiency of xenon - about 95%, which makes the use of these lights more economical.Also, these lamps endure vibration, therefore, when driving on bad roads, you can not be afraid of failures.

also be noted that with proper installation and setup Xenon does not affect the electrics of the car, and does not blind oncoming cars.Statistics show that cars with xenon light fall in accidents much less, about 40%.

Some disadvantages of using xenon light

  • required the presence of the ignition unit.
  • high price.Given the fact that for coincidence of a spectrum lamps vary from two, the material cost is very large.
  • Difficulties in passing inspection.So, Xenon 4800 K and the xenon with higher temperature will create some problems in state agencies.It should also be noted that in some European countries the use of such xenon unacceptable.

How to choose?

How to choose xenon car?This is a task quite difficult for the person not quite understand.Eyes run on the number of products offered with different prices and features.Yet, if you look and take into account the main ones, we can choose the xenon car even for a beginner.

To start, before choosing Xenon Lama, the future owners of xenon should know some of the nuances of its use.One such feature is the need for a firing unit, which is used to convert the 12 volts to 24 kV.From ignition unit Xenon light source receives the pulses of a few thousand times the discharge, resulting from a car battery.Ignition unit is compact, so place it under the hood is not difficult.If for some reason there is no place for the unit, it is possible to buy a block of ignition model Slim.There are several generations of units for ignition.The best units are the fifth and fourth generation, but for the proper operation of the lamps will be enough, and the third, so if there is a question about how to choose the head lights, you can opt for a cheaper option.As for the manufacturers, the good things about blocks SHO-ME, APP, MTF.

temperature xenon

very important parameter xenon lamps is the color temperature.Often it is in the range 3500-8000 Kelvin, and its selection depends on the preferences of the wearer.

This indicator shows the radiation, which produces a black body with a particular hue glow lamp.This temperature determines the spectral composition of light and the impression that arises when a person looks at him.Color temperature is at all sources.For example, an ordinary candle has a temperature of up to 2 million Kelvin, Tungsten - 2400 Kelvin, gas discharge lamp - 2800 Kelvin.Sunlight has a temperature of 5000 Kelvin, and the ideal light source - 100 thousand Kelvin.

Xenon has a temperature starting from about 4000 Kelvin.Index 4300 K is the most striking characteristics and reflects a bright white glow, but not everyone likes the color.The most beautiful is the color at a temperature of 6000 Kelvin, but it is not so bright.Xenon is a 7000 Kelvin temperature characteristics better than conventional halogen bulbs.

Guide to the choice of xenon

How to choose a xenon lamp for car, tell the following table:

  • Fog lamps - 3500 Kelvin.
  • beam headlamps.Best option - 4300 Kelvin.
  • bright white light - 5000 Kelvin.
  • Cool white light having a blue tint - 6000 Kelvin.
  • Blue Light - 7000 Kelvin.
  • Purple Light - 8000 Kelvin.

Based on the memo, we can conclude what Xenon increasingly taking, and if you are looking for xenon, featuring the best characteristics, the best choice - with a temperature of 4300-5000 Kelvin, since more indicator provides only make the car brighter.

Bixenon and psevdoksenon

When xenon lamps are designed for low and high beam, it is called bi-xenon.Due to the electromagnetic device, it becomes the position of near and far light, which significantly increases driving safety.

Psevdoksenon xenon is not at all.It has a light yellow with a blue tint.Features had much worse compared with xenon, and the efficiency is very low.How to recognize psevdoksenon?It's simple - if you are not invited to complete a block ignition therefore no xenon lamp.

Installing xenon

Well, we figured out how to choose the xenon lamps.Now more about the intricacies of their installation.As noted above, the xenon may be installed instead of low beam, high beam, and at the same time instead of both.Also, some motorists install xenon reversing lights and fog lights.Installation can be made with their own hands, because it does not necessarily have special skills.To help motorists complete with xenon making manufacturers installation instructions.


To pick xenon, it is important to decide on the following points:

  • size of ignition.
  • What Xenon choose: biksenon or conventional xenon.
  • What is planned to get in the end: the beauty and practicality.