"Czech gardens" - Dream Village

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leave in summer to the country - the dream of everyone, regardless of their country of residence and social status.Before and 6 acres seemed gift from above.In the garden of the partnership tried to get everything.But for them were not very good sites.And to overcome the difficulties sometimes left whole life.Do not be frightened to testify the absence of entrances, utilities and basic amenities.And the presence in the village playground, grocery store or a place for parking could only dream of.However, many do not even dreamed of.

Who creates

creators holiday village "Czech gardens", not far from Bogorodsk, took into account all the nuances and challenges.People who have bought houses here, will be able to relax in nature with maximum comfort.The settlement will occupy an area of ​​about 200 hectares of land for it has already been issued, construction will begin soon.Enrich Nizhny Novgorod Real estate capital alliance holding TRIGROUP and "Nizhny Novgorod trading company."

Short description

village "Czech Gardens" will be built around the main street.Sites that are opposite each other, separated by a distance of 20 meters.Even the smallest street of the complex will be a minimum width of nine meters (including 6 meters - the roadway).No cost and no convenient parking and parking.The first is planned to equip the road to hold water, electricity, parking do, take care of protection.

In the center of the village provides a common area.It will be divided into square, children's playground.No cost and without the construction of the store, cafe.Rate the correctness of this approach to the arrangement of the territory can be the example of the village "Czech Village", which is already successfully operating.

complex "Czech gardens" provides plots of no less than 10 acres.Standard "six" even ordinary family is not enough, not to mention the many children.It should be placed at the site of the house, shrubs, greenhouses, a modest-sized bath - all this requires land.

Bogorodskoe direction chosen by the developer, in the Nizhny Novgorod region is the most environmentally friendly and promising.Getting to the city is not difficult - it is close.Near the village there is a lake and a pond, forest with berry and mushroom glades.The place chosen for the construction, have a rich history.Therefore, fans of attractions that will listen and learn.And fans of active pastime will be able to go to Bogorodskiy flying club and jump with a parachute, learn how to fly a plane.There are nearby and a shooting club and ski slopes.


is planned to sell 891 station in the complex "Czech gardens."Price per land will be 5.5 thousand.Smaller plot can be purchased for around 60 thousand rubles.

«Czech Gardens" - a holiday village, which takes into account the tastes and needs of almost everyone.All the amenities for you: wide roads, street lighting is excellent, the internal security area, fenced around the perimeter, the presence of guest parking, plenty of public spaces (starting from a playground and ending with the park for walks).