Prams Zippy: reviews and types

A variety of products for babies sometimes enter into a stupor young parents.They want their children only the best, and the choice of carriages - one of the most critical moments.In our opinion, deserve special attention stroller Zippy.Reviews often mark their convenience and maneuverability.

systems Zippy

Recently popular modular systems Zippy, which provide a reliable vehicle child from birth to three years.Car seat, carrycot and seat unit - complete equipment is the most popular among young parents.

Key Features Zippy System:

  1. dimensions.Compact size will please active moms and dads who do not like to sit at home.The folded stroller can be transported in the trunk of a car.In addition, the apartment unit Zippy does not take up much space.
  2. Lightweight chassis.Carriage weight is usually not more than 15 kilograms.Not all houses have an elevator, so the young mothers are left to lift the stroller with the baby on the stairs.
  3. system depreciation and inflatable wheels provide maneuverability and smooth running.Furthermore, if necessary stroller folded in one motion.
  4. special fastening system that allows a fairly simple to install any module stroller Zippy.Reviews Experts confirm the reliability of the design of each unit of the system.
  5. handle and direction of movement.Several provisions of the handles and the ability to set the module to face the parents and vice versa will ride even more comfortable.

hypermarkets in children can easily find a few brands, which are represented in the line of Zippy stroller 3 in 1 Customer Reviews allocate Inglesina and Tutis - specialists of the two brands have managed to create a truly unique product.

Inglesina System Zippy Pro

Kids products from Inglesina do not need additional advertising.In developing the model Zippy Pro Italian engineers have used all their knowledge and experience of the production of vehicles for the kids.

young and active parents are most suitable stroller Zippy 3 to 1, the reviews of which are represented in large numbers.Practical, compact and easy to operate - the quality for which the brand value Inglesina.


--carrying seat;

- cradle;

- carriage-cane;

- raincoat;

- Cape for legs;

- bag;

- changing mat and small blanket for the stroller seat.

The main advantage of the model from designers Inglesina, according to the owners, is the mechanism - on folding wheelchairs go in seconds, and the staff takes up little space in the trunk of a car.

Italian Zippy stroller reviews are pretty good, but many young parents confused by the price.System Zippy Pro costs on average 30 to 35 thousand rubles.For this reason, in great demand vehicles Tutis, which we discuss in more detail.


In 1994, Lithuania has been an established company specializing in the manufacture of children's products.Four years later, the buyers first saw the model Tutis Zippy, who eventually became the face of the brand, recognizable not only in the EU but also worldwide.

care about the comfort of kids and their parents, a creative approach and years of experience allow us to produce excellent Tutis strollers for active parents.

latest innovation is the special processing technology of tissue using silver ions.As you know, a little kid to avoid stains from food is impossible.This technology prevents their appearance and neutralizes odors.

Thanks to eco-friendly materials and processing of silver ions do not serve one year each stroller Tutis Zippy.Reviews of young mothers confirm the ease of fabric care.

Model 2 in 1

One of the most popular models from the Lithuanian producer Tutis Zippy stroller is 2 to 1. Responses of parents say the increased agility and continuity, which is especially important in the winter when a snow cover.Every year experts Tutis upgrade and supplement packaging Zippy 2 1.

Key Features:

- two blocks walking and cradle;

- Wheel of hard rubber;

- rigid chassis and four points of support;

- comfortable handle with a leather cover and bend, height adjustable;

- braking system;

- folding mechanism "book";

- shopping basket.

Additionally, the set includes:

  • for recreational block - anatomical liner and the insulated cover on foot, mosquito net and rain cover;
  • for the cradle - and warm mattress cover;
  • bag for Mom.

first publication

can start walking within a few days after discharge from the hospital.Fresh air is good for the baby and mother.Cradle Tutis Zippy has a wide berth, which will be comfortable even in warm winter overalls.

module has a convenient carrying handle and a big hood with a viewing window and a mosquito net.Rigid bottom complemented by a removable mattress coconut.

inner surface of the basket is made of cotton, and the outer treated with a special water-repellent composition.Machine washable slipcovers for cotton.

We grow

By six months of the kids on the street, not only sleep, but also consider the world.Just at this age begin to use the manufacturer recommends walking block.

vehicle to ensure the child up to three years, many parents try so so popular stroller Zippy 2 in 1 Reviews owners say the advantage of the classic chassis without turning the front wheels.Such a "rover" fears neither snow nor sand (if the family goes on holiday in hot countries).

cost wheelchairs Tutis ranges from 18 to 22 thousand rubles.However, some moms and dads who discovered the shortcomings of this child of the vehicle, the price seems a bit high.We dwell on the details, which are not like the owners of the model 2 in 1.

  1. Weight - fragile mothers who have to go without an elevator, believe that the stroller heavier than the stated parameters.
  2. bag - disappointing low quality of materials and design.
  3. plastic machinery - cast doubt on the reliability

Overall Tutis 2 1 meet the expectations of customers.Stylish design, functionality and well thought-out to the last detail, ease of use and driving performance - that is what modern parents appreciate.

Full set

main competitor models 2 to 1 in the lineup is the Lithuanian brand Zippy 3 1.

In many families today have a car, so together with a carriage necessarily need to purchase a car seat.For the little ones, this thing will come in handy during clinic visits - comfortable handles allow you to use it as a carry.It turns out that the ideal means of transportation is a stroller Tutis Zippy 3 in 1 Reviews happy owners confirm this.On the pros and cons of this model, we propose to dwell, but first let's talk about the design.

childbirth should surround the bright things, and the first vehicles this rule applies in the first place.No wonder toys for the little ones are always bright, with lots of interesting details.

rich palette is amazing, and parents literally dazzled at the sight of colors, which performed Tutis Zippy stroller 3 in 1 Reviews only warn against transmission of incorrect shade when choosing online stores, so better to live to see the stroller and havethen placing.

Up to ten color variants of each model - can offer a range of only a few manufacturers.Special attention should be option 3 in 1 leather version - the richest equipment will cost less than the model of the Italian brand Inglesina.

Option 3 1 Tutis young parents will cost about 25-29 thousand rubles, depending on the seller.Many argue that the stroller from the Lithuanian brand is worth the money - enough to read reviews.

Stroller Zippy New

updated model of the famous "children's coaches," which was coined by an even more stylish design and improved a number of technical characteristics, have recently appeared in the Russian market.

Improvements touched primarily wheelbase.It was increased in width, whereby the stroller has become more stable.Cradles experts Tutis made more spacious - now even in warm clothes big kids will sleep comfortably.Finally, fasten the module was slightly higher, thus providing additional comfort for mom.

Package also includes three statements replaceable unit and all the necessary accessories to them.

release an improved version just added popularity and one of the most coveted was the stroller Tutis Zippy New.Reviews point to several significant advantages of this model:

- maneuverability and smooth running.The front pair of wheels can be rotated 360 degrees, there is a retainer direction.

- The handle is height adjustable in three positions.

- The back of the stroller seat is lowered to the supine position.

- The width of the stroller seat is adjustable from 34 to 39 cm.

- alloy wheels are protected by caps.

To be or not to be?

Summing up, we can safely speak of a fairly high quality of each stroller Zippy.Reviews young moms and dads say more advantages in the operation of these models, than minuses.However, in fairness we should also note weaknesses Chair Tutis.

Most complaints cause the wheels that have the properties of otkruchivatsya while walking.Such cases are rare, and most likely, it is a factory marriage.

There are also too deep seat in the car seat and a small width of the stroller seat.In addition, not all mothers unable to immediately get on with the mechanisms.

In the case of damage do not forget to contact the manufacturer for warranty repair.