Lobby - a corridor.

on TV - mostly in a political context - we often hear about the lobby.This word is used mostly in a negative sense, but in fact it has a set of values.And not just political.Let's try to understand what lies behind this mysterious term.After all, we have to deal with him, but for some people it even turned into a curse.


most ancient versions of the word can be found in Latin.Initially so called different extension.Lobium is a gallery or corridor open.In one embodiment, there is an old German word louba with similar meaning.In addition, it can be translated as "front porch."But in the modern Russian language, this term came from the English.It was in the UK "lobby" - a name that has become both direct and figurative meaning.While initially it was translated as "space", "corridor", the then increasingly began to use it as an analog representation of interests.

direct meaning of the word "lobby┬╗

In English, the term is still mainly used to refer to parts of the building such as the lobby or foyer.In Russian this is happening less often.Lobby - a word that is usually used to describe the hotel, immediately adjacent to the front desk.They meet and take visitors, but to them it was not boring, offering comfortable seating, newspapers, soft drinks and snacks.Therefore, in such places often have a so-called lobby bars.They differ in atmosphere, brings comfort.In addition, modern high-rise buildings is the so-called "corridors".It's a different kind of rooms and meeting rooms where meetings are held, and make a preliminary decision.

political lobby

This is an attempt to influence the laws and practices of the state.Perhaps the expression "corridors of power", inspired and second sense described by the term.Because different groups of people have their own interests, they are trying to assert their influence on the way some people are able to defend those interests.Therefore, they try to penetrate into these "corridors of power" and to talk about what they want, why this organization, official or public servant should pay attention to their problem.Thus, in this context, a lobby - it is a representation of interests.Most are engaged advisers or consultants of certain persons who explain to lawmakers why should I take any action or documents in favor of certain groups.More often lobbying engaged in special companies and civil society activists, met with parliamentarians and officials.

methods influence

Since the modern state is balancing between the interests of different groups, including the Enterprise, and the use of a lobby - is an activity that can have a formal and public character, or, on the contrary, be prohibited.There is even such a profession, obuschayuschaya how to communicate with authorities.Interestingly, in Russia there are lobby groups, but the official specialty of this kind there is.In Germany, such activities are governed by a special law.But the lobby in the US - this is a very old occupation.Originally it means the mechanisms of influence on the legislators, but recently the object of attention of such groups is pushing the interests of Congress.Mostly in the US lobbying is happening at the professional level, it spent a lot of money.Special defend the interests of the various organizations, unions and corporations through political actions and even elections, often financing the candidate with the right positions.

Secrets of successful lobbying for social activists

Different kinds of organizations tend to use to promote their interests through the "corridors of power".There is nothing illegal or unacceptable if such actions are, of course, are not accompanied by bribery.Public lobby - is an attempt to make the protection and promotion of policy goals and interests of the group an essential component in the policy of the government.To do this, select people who know how to do it, to put them in the mouth message of that work, and send them to the officials or members of parliament, from which it depends.As with any activity, the initial step should be a strategic analysis of the situation.Experience shows that the most effective approaches to the government are triggered when established long-term relationships with certain institutions or individuals, even if there are big differences in ideology.Government officials may be assisted by social worker for various reasons.It can be personal views, serious attitude to the international obligations of or interest in a positive image.