"Buyan-M" project 21631. Small rocket ship project 21631 "Buyan-M"

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Launching and reception into service of the Russian Navy's new ship - it is always an event.The larger displacement, diverse weapons systems and impressive seaworthiness, the brighter highlights ceremony media.In 2014, for the celebration of the Day of the Navy it was timed delivery of the defense ministries of the two new units, reinforcing the Caspian flotilla.Small missile ships of the project 21631 "Buyan-M", received the title of the names of the ancient Russian cities "Uglich" and "Sviyazhsk", at first glance, does not inspire such reverence as cruisers and nuclear missile submarines.But their role in Russia's defense capability has yet to be appreciated.

ship for enclosed seas

Project "Buyan-M" was originally conceived as a type of ship designed not for ocean space and to operate in a closed sea.This is now known from open sources, but a specialist in the courts, and so it is clear that the displacement of 950 tons at a fairly low sides and a small draft does not suggest swimming in the waters of the possible excitement over five points.Closed seas washing the shores of the Russian Federation, only three: the Caspian, Black and Azov.The last two water bodies, by the way, recently presented in the aspect of national security rather little interest.Increased activity of the fleets of the NATO countries in the Black Sea basin is observed only recently, after the start of the events in Ukraine.

situation in the Caspian

As for the Caspian Sea, the fleet responsible for the stability of the marine environment in the region, of course, needed to be updated and strengthened.It is for this operational sector and designed ships of the project 21631 "Buyan-M."At the same time as the potential enemy is not considered coastal states.The Republic of Kazakhstan - Russia's strategic partner and holds a friendly foreign policy.At present, Azerbaijan (also not hostile) has practically no naval capabilities.Turkmenistan buys equipment in the Russian Federation, to conduct independent foreign policy, is interested in mutually beneficial trade and economic relations and cooperation in the defense sector.Those countries that were in the recent past, historical Soviet republics, security threats to our borders represent.It remains only to Iran.This is an Islamic state in economic isolation, and suspect him of aggressive proclivities towards the great northern neighbor is also very difficult.What is called the cares enough.

One could draw the conclusion about the absence of regional threats to Russia in the Caspian area.So why need you here a small rocket ship project 21631?To answer this question, it should examine the characteristics of weapons systems, nautical data and design features.


create projects and build ships in Tatarstan.Plant them.Gorky is located in the famous Volga city of Zelenodolsk.Even by itself, this fact speaks volumes.The hull allows it to go, not only on the seas but also easily travel around the blue arteries of rivers permeating the entire country from North to South and from West to East.The value for the defense theory have and river fleet, they had a chance to do some fighting in the Great Patriotic War, but since then the military doctrine has undergone major changes.RTO Project 21631 "Buyan-M" is not suitable for use as a monitor (class of ships designed to support infantry - actually a floating artillery battery).This is evidenced by a rather modest cannon armament: only two stomillimetrovyh guns.In addition to actions in the river channels among the islands do not require such serious measures to maintain secrecy, and too big speed (25 knots).And in favor of predominantly maritime character eloquent composition missile.Ability to river navigation of ships "Buyan-M" of the project involves 21,631 opportunities diversion of military units on virtually any probable theater of war.In case of need, of course.

Artillery and Air Defense

range combat use is relatively small.Autonomy is ten days.Small rocket ship project 21631 may navigate offline no more than two and a half thousand miles.Besides the already mentioned 100-mm artillery shells "Universal" (A-190m), on-board artillery presented twin installation "Duet" in the stern, two column book-rests MTPU machine gun 14.5mm and three more quick-7.62 mm barrels.

Means of the ship's air defense are two settings, "flexible", the basis of which - common in the Army and effective anti-aircraft missile systems "Igla".To reflect this massive air attack weapons may not be enough, it is intended to combat the assault aircraft and attack helicopters.The main bet is placed on other methods to avoid air strikes, but on this later.

main gauge

RTO Project 21631 "Buyan-M" was created to lead the rocket fire on the ships and shore bases probable opponent.To do this, and it designed the main armament, which together constitute the UKSK (universal shipboard firing system).The housing accommodates eight mines of which may be a vertical launch missile as subsonic (anti-3M54, class "surface - land" 3M14, anti-91RT) and supersonic ("Onyx" 3M55).Thus, at a very modest scale and small crew (about 35 people), small missile cruisers "Buyan-M" Project 21631 can be very dangerous opponents for marine purposes much more tonnage.

Strategic corvette

complex "Caliber" platform which can be rocket ships of the project 21631, equipped with cruise missiles with a range of combat employment, equal to 2600 km.From a geographical point of view, this means that the "Onyx", started from the points located in the Caspian and Black Seas, can theoretically achieve the goals that are in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean and in other Metakhim outlined on the map of Eurasia said circleradius, including the strategically important Suez Canal.

Traditionally corvettes, which belongs to a class of project 21631 (code "Buyan-M") are considered combat units tactical level.Characteristics of arms "Svijazhsk" and "Uglich" of currently in service with the Caspian Flotilla, gently allude to their strategic nature.

ship invisible

modern skyline small missile ship, combined with its high speed, the jet and the relatively small size (74 meters), give reason to expect that to detect it in waters rich variety of ships will not be easy.On the radar screen to distinguish "Buyan-M" Project 21631 from fishing seiner or even large yachts difficult.And he, like all system in Russia warships, equipped with all complex electronic warfare, the ability to cripple communications and radar weapons potential enemy.High radiation absorbing coating and ramps silhouette further reduce the probability of detection of fast and maneuverable ship with a powerful missile weapons.

situation in the Black Sea

In the process of construction and sea trials are now staying five ships "Buyan-M" project 21631. This "Veliky Ustyug," "Most High Volochek", "Serpukhov", "Orekhovo-" and "Green Dol ".Initially, they were intended for service in the Caspian Sea, but rapidly changed in the last year the geopolitical picture in the region of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian command led to review these intentions."Serpukhov" and "Green Dol" will be sent to Sevastopol.Naval forces of the Black Sea Fleet in need of replenishment of the newest units, able to oppose the so-called "mine-sweeping group of NATO," part of a considerable force.Of course, in the case of armed conflict not of Crimea would remain unprotected and under the current situation it could provide cover facilities "Ball" and "Bastion", capable of controlling the entire area up to the Bosporus, but to secure peace requires the constant presence of military unitsand demonstrate their capabilities.The main load of the task will fall on the frigate "Admiral Grigorovich", "Admiral Essen" ROK "Moscow" and "Buyan" enough work.

coastal ships with long-range goal

From the history of naval and maritime battles thoughtful politician can conclude that there are no universal weapon Godea for all occasions and is able to operate successfully in all scenarios of the conflict.In some situations, need powerful cruisers and battleships large, others can not do without aircraft carrier compounds in the third most effective means may be only submarines.In our turbulent age of mobile missile ships "Buyan-M" of the project 21631 and take their place in naval ranks, defending the interests of Russia in the immediate vicinity of its coast, but long-term view.

custom-five ships of this type.