How to photograph children: tips

correctly captured images of children are especially sincerity.But all those who have ever tried to get a good picture, is often seen in the photo "smeared" part or red eye.And if not during the photo session the child turns his back and runs away, not wanting to waste his time on such actions.So, how to photograph children to get high-quality images that will reflect the mood and character of the kids, and most importantly - your love for them?Try to understand.

How to photograph children: eliminate common errors

  1. Do not take pictures of children only from above.The first shots of the same type are obtained.Second, if you get down to the level of the apparatus around the shoulders of the child (or slightly below), before you will arise like a different world, one that sees the baby.
  2. In no case can not be forced to be photographed crumbs.So he may lose the desire to pose for you, and images are obtained such that they can not be called a "pearl" of the collection.Forced smile and an obvious reluctance - that will be expressed on the face of the child.In addition, the baby will be afraid of the camera.
  3. not need to be limited to a couple of shots.Having about 10 photos, you can choose the most successful (and there may be only 1-3 pcs.).Especially as the baby's face is changing literally every second photographing after a short time, you will be able to collect a little "history" of his life.

How to photograph children: Getting photoshoot

  1. The best pictures are in the game, baby, learning something new, in general, in those moments when he sees you with a camera.On these shots are not always completely visible face of the baby, but they are much more interesting than the photo on which it will be specially pose.
  2. If pipsqueak categorically refuses to be photographed (hiding, running away), then pretend that he was a person you are not interested, and you generally shoot a wardrobe or chest of drawers.Gradually, the "go" on the toy, which lie on the couch, on the floor, then you can ask them to hold the baby in her arms.Perhaps because the baby "will talk" with pleasure will begin to pose myself.The main thing - patience, as the pictures of children - it's still not an easy one!
  3. In the case where the child interest is only the camera, you can give it up, help explore (but only under close supervision!), Show how to take pictures.Perhaps gradually interest in the subject matter will be gone.Well, if not, then do not despair, because a photo where the child comes to the lens and from afar trying to poke a finger in it, are among the best.
  4. If you want to make a portrait of a child, you should give preference to a neutral background.As it is possible to use the wallpaper stretched sheet and so forth. If the purpose of your photo shoot is to get the story, you can go to the park, rides on the lake, and so on. D. And, taking pictures, do not forget how to take pictureschildren.In these frames welcomed the presence of animals or other children.

Shoot anytime, anywhere.It is easier to remove a certain number of frames than not capture the moments of your crumbs that you will not be able to repeat.No need to ask, "Where to learn to take pictures?" - The main thing - to feel the character of the kids, to see the world through their eyes and take pictures of the heart.

Successful shots you!