Animal Ocean.

from the phrase "World Ocean" appears easy to thrill the soul.It is something massive and powerful, with beautiful colors, exotic wildlife, and dark, concealing the danger down.And there is!A person living on land rarely thinks that every second somewhere under the water boils or quietly flows so mysterious life.


We know that our planet is mostly made of water.Pictures from space, dominated by the color blue, it is confirmed.At the same time it is still called the Earth, and not some "water" or "South Pacific."Do not forget that in the land itself there is moisture.

Three-quarters of the planet's surface is water - the oceans.It is believed that he is one and only divided into different continents oceans.So when you hear about the Pacific, the Arctic Ocean or the other, you know - it is only the part of the World Ocean.

Ocean is divided into four main parts: the Pacific, Indian, Atlantic and Arctic.Each of them includes sea bays and straits.

Already in the XV century, man has sought to explore the world's oceans, the Mariners went on an expedition to explore the boundaries of bodies of water.Of course, at that time it was collected only superficial data.Depths began to open its secrets much later, and today they are not fully understood.The inhabitants of the ocean are often the heroes of art and science films that love watching everything.

Living organisms

Thanks to the researchers, mariners and operators of sea depths, we know that life in the aquatic environment of the ocean also exists.Hardly they may know themselves and to transfer all the diversity of underwater life, the beauty of the ocean floor and the power of water.

Flora and fauna of the ocean belongs to the living organisms inhabiting his space.Scientists deduce classification of species, subspecies and classes that make up these worlds.

inhabitants of the ocean: animals, fish, molluscs, crustaceans, plants, and many others - to live their lives without looking at humanity and progress.Underwater life of the world ocean is beautiful and unique, a person leaves a lot of mysteries.


He is the most warm, large and deep.In the Pacific Ocean or the Great is more than half of all living organisms of the oceans.Animals Pacific charm with its size, shape, color.

In the depths of his sperm whales are found mammals, whales and seals, dyugan, crayfish, giant squid and many other marine life.Shark - animal ocean, horror on the people here are very common.The ocean is home to several species of these fish: blue, mako, fox, and representatives of other whale species.It is noteworthy that in the Pacific Ocean, its seas meet the unique shark species, representatives of which no longer exist in other waters.

on the number and diversity of wildlife of any ocean is influenced by many factors: phytoplankton, for the temperature of the water and environmental pollution.Great Pacific Garbage Patch - a consequence of neglect of man to nature, it causes enormous damage to the flora and fauna.

in the village on the banks of a thriving fishing industry.Most of the world catch, falling on the table the inhabitants of planet Earth, is extracted from the Pacific Ocean.

Pacific Many animals found in the Atlantic and Indian.But there is a rare and unique representatives of living only here.

Indian Ocean

its flora and fauna extremely diverse.The third largest, and the depth of the ocean is rich in unusual organisms that light up at night: certain types of jellyfish, peridinians, tunicates.

Indian Ocean under the water surface hides a variety of fish (korifenov, tuna, sharks), reptiles (turtles, snakes), mammals (whales, sperm whales, dolphins, seals, sea elephants).Many inhabitants and above the ocean surface: albatrosses, frigate birds, penguins.

Very beautiful and large animal ocean - sea-devil (or mantle).This is an amazing animal weighing more than two tons.It is noteworthy that the sea devil - absolutely harmless creature.More recently, people thought he was a bloodthirsty killer, but, as it turned out, nature has not endowed him with any deadly or defensive weapon.If in his way will meet carnivorous shark, surely he bye to life.

Food inhabitant of bodies of water - plankton, larvae and small fish.It filters the water, leaving the edible mouth.It is noteworthy that the brains of the fauna is much more than the rays and sharks.Sea devil is very interesting and fun side by side with divers.

Environmental issues concerned and the Indian Ocean, especially animals in the seas and oceans are affected by the oil slick.

Arctic Ocean

It is the smallest of the four parts of the oceans.Due to the harsh weather conditions of its flora and fauna is not so diverse.Most of the surface is covered with ice, it drifts, frozen to the banks.

It is worth noting that although the diversity of species of fauna is much inferior to animals of the Arctic Ocean are larger and live longer than their counterparts from other waters.

to the inhabitants of the cold ocean include: fish (150 species), birds (30 species), seals, penguins, walruses, beluga whales.

Perhaps the most beautiful and dangerous animal of the ocean - the polar bear.This beautiful and mighty beast feeds on fish, seals, whales, and the carcasses of dead birds.Year-round white teddy bear cleverly floats under the water and climbing on ice floes in search of prey.The average life expectancy of 15-20 years, the bear, but many die young - up to five years.

Ecological problems of the Arctic Ocean - the most sensitive issue, because in addition to pollution and the disappearance of some populations, it is about melting ice and global warming.


second largest ocean includes almost all kinds of wildlife in all of the Pacific Ocean.This diversity is made possible thanks to the climate.The fauna of the Atlantic Ocean is distributed zonal boundaries and the number of famous Atlantic ocean deserts.

Flora and fauna are very diverse.The most striking animal of the ocean, perhaps - flying fish.There are 16 species of flying fish.They "take wing" of the water and lay eggs on any floating object.

Ecological problems of the world ocean

development of civilization and technological progress bring a person a lot of useful and even vital, but it is ruining nature and Oceans as well.The populations of many animals lost forever, every year endangered species of plants and animals of the deep sea.

Activity and inactivity human necessitates sad consequences.And though the seas and oceans are under the care of a special unit of the UN and the IMO, the future of the oceans at risk.

People need to protect the oceans for many reasons, the main of which - its resources and "road", linking the continents.