Gather the lesson Buddha, Moses, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad

In the new academic year, the curriculum will be a new item: the foundations of religious culture.That in connection with the waiting students and teachers?

in Russian education, which in recent years has got used to the incessant changes, outlined the next innovation.With the new school year in the schools of our program - it is no secret - the multinational and multi-countries will be the subject titled "Fundamentals of religious culture."What's in this regard awaits the students, their parents and teachers?How our teachers are ready to conduct a discipline, and most importantly - whether it is necessary at all?The debate about this and are actively conducted in the pedagogical community, and among Russian believers, and in the blogosphere.

Learning respect for other cultures 72 hours

parents of many students recognized that the situation when the same school, just a difference of a couple of hours their children in one class will talk about Darwin's theory, andthe next - about a divine beginning - they are a bit confusing.Children do not get confused, listening to layers of information, which continually contradict each other?As students choose what to believe, because of what was said by teachers to take seriously?

However, many officials and experts from education teacher training in innovation do not see anything unnatural.Thus, the acting director of the structural unit of the Academy of Advanced Training and Retraining of Education Olga Proskurkina in an interview with reporters said that, in its view, the contradictions in such a situation should arise.After all, the emphasis in the new subject should not be done on the study of the religious aspects, and on the study of culture."Religion will be discussed here in the sense that the culture of different nations based on religion - she said.- This question is simply impossible to ignore. "

main task of the new object, according Proskurkinoy should not be the knowledge gained in a certain amount of children, while the rate of education.That is why - sure actingDirector of the structural unit of the Academy training - teaching a discipline not to use markers.One can not on the five- or ten-point scale to evaluate the level of education of each individual, albeit small.

At lessons the basics of religious culture teacher should talk with the guys on the spiritual and moral themes."He should foster respect for the person, respect for the cultures of the peoples of our country", - says Olga Proskurkina.To learn this, she said, the teacher must pass a 72-hour refresher course.

Know about six, and talk about one

the eve of the school year, parents of schoolchildren will be one cares more.They will now have to decide what, in their opinion, should study their offspring on a new subject.It offers students and their parents - as many as six options, or, as they christened the officials from the education, - modules.These are the basics of the Orthodox, Buddhist, Jewish or Muslim culture, just the basics of world religious cultures or the basics of secular ethics.

Thus, - experts say - in one class theoretically could be a situation where students are divided into six different groups, will want to explore different disciplines.Both teachers and school authorities, and at the same time - according to officials from the education - should be ready for such a hand is.

Even if one child in the school wants to study, say, the fundamentals of Muslim culture and Buddhism - the school is obliged to give him that opportunity.For this purpose, - experts say the Academy training - teacher training is conducted for each of the six modules.At the same time the focus is still not on a theoretical preparation of teachers for conducting the course and on the psychological readiness of the teacher.

However, officials from the Education does not exclude that "on the ground" there may be problems with the distribution of students on modules.After all, there is no guarantee that the leaders of some of the schools will not try to persuade all students to ensure that the study instead of the six programs only one.

Victoria Fomenko

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